The art form of the large-scale show is long-lasting and rapid, and it is more and more diversified in form, such as the Spring Festival Gala, the special-style party, the commemorative evening of different programs, etc. From the scene, it is more and more complicated. Different types of studios, amphitheatre, stage, stadiums and plazas; from the audience, the level is getting higher and higher, the number is increasing; from the type of program, there are music, dance, drama, music Wait. The reason why TV viewers have a high audience rating is more and more popular and concerned by the audience. It is related to the theme of the variety show, the content is healthy and rich, the form is novel, the scene is grand, the art is strong, and it is also advanced with lighting equipment. The choice of the angle of attention of the cloth, the composition of the use of light can not be separated. Therefore, as a lighting designer of a variety show, it is necessary to solve the problem of inheriting and innovating in terms of ideas; how to use the methods and technical means to create ideas and meet the requirements for the party. The overall requirement is how to use the existing various light sources, different structures, different functions and different control modes to design the position of the lamp, change the projection angle and illumination range of the light, and how to use the intensity and brightness of the light. , the change of color, and the combination of different changes between them, purposefully dye and shape the scenes and characters of the performance, create various specific lighting environments and visual artistic effects, and serve the whole party is currently A problem that lighting workers need to solve seriously.

The so-called lighting is to locate the light from where the light is projected. The objective criterion for the success of the lighting division is to make the audience feel real. The TV viewer feels false and lacks realism, indicating that the lighting is a failure. The use of lighting is an important process of combining art and technology. This requires the lighting engineer to accurately use different lighting methods to handle the orientation and brightness of various lights, to achieve the desired artistic effect, for the content of the program and the image of the characters. Add art appeal and appeal. It can be seen that the lighting engineer needs to have a high cultural accomplishment and professional quality in order to correctly use the lighting skills, which is the key to success.

How to learn from other work experiences, learn from other advanced experiences, master the use of lighting techniques to adapt the lighting technology to the changing situation as soon as possible, and meet the needs of the variety show. I think it is necessary to focus on the five characteristics from the combination of theory and practice. Grasp the two basic points and three links.

Five sexes:

First, it is the purpose of clear lighting. It is necessary to adjust the lighting according to the requirements of the programming and the need to assemble the camera lens;

Second, it is to pay attention to the effect of lighting. It is necessary to highlight the atmosphere of the picture, but also to match the requirements of the content of the program in terms of color and mood;

Third, it is the rationality of arranging lamps. The position, angle, direction and brightness of the luminaire should be conducive to reflecting the realism of the scene;

Fourth, it is to grasp the procedural nature of lighting. In principle, the scene is first lighted in the scene, and the main light is in the back. The small scene first cloths the main light, then adjusts the background light; 5. It is the integrity of the inspection light when the test is recorded. Avoid or eliminate shadows, shading of objects, overlapping lights, and artificial enlargement of shadow areas.

Two basic points:

First, it is the basic lighting - the overall illumination of the basic lighting is controlled in the range of 800-1000LX. Partition lighting, the front area illumination is in the range of 2000-2500LX; the middle area brightness is in the range of 1500-2000LX; the back area is in the range of 800-1000LX.

Second, it is the basic shape - do a good job in the air, background, and create a specific atmosphere.

Three links:

First, proceed from the actual situation and formulate a scientific, feasible and reasonable design plan. The successful lighting is to have a good design. The lighting designer should be based on the script, based on the overall concept of the director, based on specific scenes, with actors and scenery as objects, using various lamps and lighting control systems to conceive and create a set of rigorous The implementation plan serves the party and achieves the intended purpose and effect. In the preliminary preparation work, the lighting engineer's first priority is to fully understand the general director's specific requirements for the evening lighting and dancing. The design concept of the lighting engineer must also be dissolved in the overall concept of the director. Through timely communication and communication, the consensus is formed. Produce "secondary creation" to make the design concept more perfect. The lighting engineer should also communicate with the art designer, thoroughly understand the design of the art, master the material, structure, material and reflective rate of the scene, and make sure that the location of the scene is increased, so that the scenery and the light depend on each other. Increase the brightness and produce the best artistic effect. And on the basis of fully grasping the content of the program, the composition of the program, and the evening, the lighting professional can invest in the overall budget, the specific distribution of various lamps, and develop an operational lighting design.

Second, it is necessary to operate rigorously and carefully, and work is in place. High-quality installation and implementation is the basis for successful lighting. Under the premise of budget and lighting in place, the following work should be done in the installation and implementation: all kinds of lamps must be inspected in advance to ensure safety and integrity; ensure smooth and good operation of various circuits, especially the power line and lamp line voltage Check the insulation of the current, etc., and debug the whole lighting control system, especially the dimming, lighting, computer lights, color changer, etc., to ensure that there is no problem, no fault.

Third, the recording should be accurate, beautify the picture as much as possible, and meet the modeling requirements of the evening lighting. The level of lighting effect is the concrete manifestation of the success of lighting. The pre-design plan only shows the overall framework and structure, which is the effect of the intention. The rehearsal and walk-behind is the substantive stage of the lighting engineer entering the party. The lighting designer can better watch the actors rehearsing and walking. According to the overall requirements of the party, adjust the overall tone of each field and each segment, and the relationship between each other. Make a tone for each program and each game, and determine the means to control the ups and downs and movements. The rhythm of change, etc. In the skill grasp, the principle of color tone for each program should be based on a basic color, supplemented by other colors, reflecting the hierarchical relationship between the primary and secondary relationships and the undulation; the color matching should be just right, the warm and cold color changes with the color saturation. The degree of change should be appropriate, use different lighting methods and different illuminations to reflect the perspective of the perspective of the scene, enhance the sense of perspective, avoid the picture into a plane; use the computer lights reasonably, consistent with the rhythm of the program; avoid each program The practice of using all the effects and means of light to prevent people from being boring. In short, only by mastering the use of lighting techniques can we create a satisfactory artistic effect for the variety show.