Recently, the Iron Triangle has introduced its new representative studio earphones: ATH-M70x and ATH-R70x. These two models also have good comfort, durability and convenience, which is bound to become a reproduction in the studio. The backbone of the precision audio. The M70x features a closed-cell soundproofing that allows you to hear the most detailed sound, while the R70x has a spacious and open feature that gives the user a comfortable feel.
Iron Triangle introduces new studio earphones--ATH-M70x, ATH-R70x
The ATH-R70x is the first professional-grade open reference earpiece in the Iron Triangle. It is paired with the ATH-M70x to become the flagship lineup of the professional triangle earphones. It has a specially designed driver and a transparent metal-metal cellular network. The cover provides an accurate and natural open sound to the earphone. This earphone also uses a new support support system from the famous 3D wing support system, even when it takes a long time to work. Wear also provides a comfortable experience. The R70x earphones are equipped with good wearing, convenience and tone purity, sturdy and lightweight construction, and unique double-sided replaceable wires, no matter how connected Automatically maintain proper stereo left and right positioning.
In the well-received M-series earphones, the latest model of the ATH-M70x professional monitor earphones is equipped with a dedicated 45mm large-caliber driver, in order to accurately reproduce the extremely high and very low-frequency tones (5~40000Hz) in the drive Extremely precise adjustments and an ideal balance. The ATH-M70x is ideal for mixing and tuning in recording and studio, FOH, disc, mastering, post production, audio forensics and personal appreciation. The earphones are made of durable materials that provide excellent sound insulation. The 90° rotating earmuffs are designed to save space and facilitate single ear monitoring.
The Iron Triangle also introduces the ATH-M50xDG limited edition earphone. This earphone with a dark green appearance is the latest style in the ATH-M50x series. It is a stylish amber color. For a special avant-garde user, you can find a different job. A personal style with a 45mm large-caliber drive, sound-proof earmuffs and a rugged construction. The ATH-M50xDG is suitable for the most professional audio applications such as recording, radio, DJ, live audio and personal listening. Experience.

OTOP  is the first company to produce IP65 LED Down Light . Which is very special use for outdoor.
 Light source : CREE, Philips ,Bridgelux ,Epistar .
CRI (Ra)>80. Luminous: 120lm/watt. Color temperature:2700-6500K.
IP rate: IP65.Liftspan:50000hours, High efficiency and power factor LED driver,Wide radiation angle,huge lighting area,Energy saving system,saving 80% energy than the conventional metal OTOP led lamp.
All of our products passed CE RoHS FCC ,ISO:9001, ISO14001 certificates. IP65 LED Down Light  engineers and lighting designers team. Our strong R & D and lighting design capabilities can solve any technical problems .

IP65 Led Down Light

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