Introduction: Lumi-tech Co., Ltd. has started the sale of SSE (SSE, molecular formula: Sr3SiO5: Eu) phosphor for white LED packaging. This phosphor is made using a silicate system and thus does not contain a red structure like YAG.

This phosphor can be excited by light of 390 nm to 480 nm near the ultraviolet wavelength, and the wavelength of the excitation light is 580 nm. The resulting lighting effect is warm white like incandescent lamps, and the color temperature should be around 2800k.

In this way, by changing the proportion of the phosphor, the wavelength of the excitation light can be adjusted. You can get natural white light with a color temperature of 6000k.

Various white LED products using Blu-ray cores and phosphors have long appeared on the market, but warm white light sources are rare. Lumi-tech believes that warm white home lighting products will gradually become a necessity.

In the near future, the light source can be selected by various parameters such as the color brightness level, and warm white will be an indispensable one. Of course, the status of high-intensity cold white light source will not be passive.

But in the field of lighting, you will be able to choose your favorite light source anytime, anywhere, and any occasion.

This SSE phosphor is the first commercial product of Lumi-tech. Lumi-tech also develops other lighting products. These products, including phosphors, will be on display in the near future.