Accumulation technology's LED driver chips are built with ESD protection architecture. In order to improve ESD protection, the new products launched by the accumulation are four times higher than the traditional HBM ESD 2kV to HBM ESD 8kV or more to protect the circuit and improve customers' products. Quality also reduces production and maintenance costs.

In recent years, LED-related applications have become more and more extensive, and the application of LED display screens can be seen everywhere. It is precisely because of the application environment or working environment of LED display screens, due to friction or other natural or artificial charge accumulation, discharge at the tip. Under the effect, the ESD phenomenon of micro-current but instantaneous high voltage, ESD damage to electronic components or hard devices has an increasing trend. The production of ESD may occur during the manufacturing, production, assembly, testing, storage, handling, etc. of electronic components or systems, which may result in poor quality, malfunction, destruction, or even electric shock or fire in electronic components, systems, or hardware. Hazardous situations such as explosions, etc. Therefore, it is more important to improve ESD protection. Enhancing ESD protection ability not only can increase the stability and quality of the company's products, but also enhance the image of the company's products. It can also help customers improve production yield and prevent damage during use, thereby reducing product manufacturing and maintenance costs and increasing production rate. Cope with extreme weather conditions and benefit customers directly.

In order to meet the needs of customers and the market trend, the LED driver chips of Accumulation Technology have passed strict ESD testing to eliminate customers' concerns about product quality and reliability. In order to prevent the danger of static electricity, Accumulation Technology believes that it is necessary to choose components with better ESD protection capabilities.

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Source: Electronic System Design