Avago Technologies introduces the industry's first half-watt high-brightness red and amber LEDs in automotive standard PLCC-4 surface mount packages. This new family of 0.5 watt high power LEDs has the industry's smallest package size and long operating life under ambient conditions, making this product suitable for automotive exterior lighting applications. Avago is a leading provider of innovative semiconductor solutions for communications, industrial and commercial applications. Avago's 0.5 watt ASMC-QxB2-Txxx series of surface mount LEDs is the latest in Envisium(TM) medium power LEDs. Target markets are automotive applications including rear combination lights, mid-high stop lights, tail lights, brake lights, side mirror turn signals and trailer lights. The high-brightness output of each LED and the 0.5-watt Envisium series in a small package (3.2 x X2.8 wide x 1.9 mm) provide automotive lighting designers with greater flexibility in design size and form factor.

In addition to high brightness, long life and compact size combination. Avago's 0.5 watt Envisium high-power PLCC-4 series offers two key advantages in automotive production environments: it can be easily soldered to minimize production costs with traditional surface mount technology, and the package meets the 2A moisture sensitivity of the Associated Electronics Engineering Society. degree. For manufacturers, this rating means that 0.5 watts of high-power PLCC-4 LED can be removed from the sealed package and kept outdoors for 30 weeks at 30 degrees (60% relative humidity) without removing the absorbed moisture. gas. Product Features Avago's ASMC-QHB2-TCD0E (red-orange) and ASMC-QAB2-TAC0E (amber) Envisium LEDs each have a typical illuminance of 6.6 and 9.3 lumens at 150 mA drive current. Other features include: High optical efficiency: Red-orange 35 lumens per watt, amber 20 lumens per watt width 120 degrees viewing angle Low thermal resistance: 60 C/W Standard PLCC-4 4-pin, leadless chip carrier Electrostatic discharge: available Withstands an operating temperature range of 2 kV: -40 degrees - +100 degrees Avago's amber and red orange Envisium 0.5 watt high power PLCC-4 LEDs are priced at $0.23---$0.29 each depending on the quantity. Samples and production quantities are available through Avago's direct sales channels and worldwide distribution partners. About Avago's LED and display solutions As one of the world's largest manufacturers of visible light-emitting diodes, Avago Technologies offers a wide range of products with outstanding reliability at competitive prices around the world. Applications such as automotive, consumer electronics and home appliances, and industrial applications require LED lighting for efficiency and reliability. Avago's surface mount, dual in-line and display products are the LEDs of choice for these applications. These LEDs and displays offer a range of color, package and viewing angle options for automotive, industrial, electronic signal and signage, consumer electronics and mobile phones. Key products include high power LEDs, surface mount LEDs, LED flashes, through-hole lamps, dot matrix displays, digital displays, strips and color sensors, and lighting and color management IC solutions. About Avago Technologies Avago Technologies is the world's largest non- Listed as an independent semiconductor company with 6,500 employees and revenues of $1.8 billion in fiscal 2005. Avago Technologies provides a broad portfolio of analog, mixed-signal and optoelectronic devices and subsystems to more than 40,000 customers worldwide, including optoelectronics, RF/microwave devices and enterprise ASICs. Adhering to more than 40 years of product innovation tradition dating back to Agilent/HP, Anwar Technology has a strong customer service capability and the industry's best on-time delivery capabilities, and is recognized worldwide as a provider of innovative quality products.