Nowadays, every office worker must be the first thing to return home after work is to open all the things related to the word "electric": TV, computer, electric light... for your leisurely and relaxing.

Speaking of LED, everyone should be familiar with it, and should be impressed with Samsung's new LED TV commercial, subvert the traditional TV standard, revolutionize the light quality, 2.99cm thin and paper-like body, lead-free green At the same time, it also saves energy and electricity. As a result, it is favored by consumers. LED TV has become the new darling with its ultra-thin and energy-saving highlights.

Audi R8LED headlights

With the continuous development and evolution of LED technology, its application in the automotive field has become increasingly widespread. However, at present, LED manufacturers are still in the development and certification stage in the three major application markets, such as lamp, backlight and lighting. The demand for green and yellow is not enough to contribute to the growth of this year's industry, but with the acceleration of industrialization, next year's LED manufacturers There are a large number of applications in the three major fields of lamp, backlight and lighting.

For the development of automotive lamp LED market, some high-end cars in the United States, Japan, and Europe have begun to use LED lighting. With the development of China's economy, the automobile and motorcycle industry has been advancing rapidly in recent years. The demand for lights and motorcycle lights will surely rise. Although the LED lamp market has been expanding very slowly in the past few years, it is expected that there will be rapid development in the past two years, and it is expected that there will be one or two lamps in the front combination lamp and the rear group lamp of each car (such as post-production). The light source and the rear turn signal) use an LED light source. LED is called the fourth generation of automotive light source. In addition to a one-time high investment, LED lights have the advantages of good quality and high quality incandescent lamps.

On September 1st, with the increase in oil prices, the development of new energy vehicles has attracted much attention, so energy conservation and environmental protection are the main topics of common concern. LEDs have a huge advantage in energy saving. I believe that people who pay attention to Audi's new models may know that LEDs that have been popularized on brake lights in the past few years (light-emitting diodes: can directly convert electrical energy into light energy). Made of crystalline semiconductor compounds, gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide are the basic materials.) appear in automotive headlights, compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED headlights not only have high illumination, but also low energy consumption . In the case of the same illumination, the demand for power of high-power LEDs is half that of halogen headlights. Although in the current situation, LEDs do not reach the energy-saving level of xenon headlights, this technology still has great development potential.

LED lights for vehicles are divided into two categories: decorative and functional lights.

The decorative lamp is mainly used for the beautification of the locomotive inside and outside the car. At present, the control circuit is used to realize the transformation of five colors and ten colors. The function LED lamp is most suitable for the backlight display of the digital instrument assembly, front and rear turn lights, brake lights, position lights, reversing lights, fog lights, reading lights. The requirements for the use of LEDs are basically similar to those of LEDs used in general, but the requirements for LED angle, chromatic aberration, brightness, voltage dispersion value, light decay, heat dissipation, anti-purple and reliability are high.

In fact, LED lamp technology has not only played a decorative role of a so-called "vase", LED will rely on its own energy-saving and longevity characteristics will become increasingly prominent, becoming the future direction of automotive lighting.

Link Fitting

The link fitting is mainly used for insulators and fittings with fittings are connected in series connection. Under mechanical loading.

Generally divided into: type L board, LJ board, BN board, combined BL board, LBD board, turnbuckles etc.

The general use of hot-dip galvanized steel material.

type L yoke plate

Link Fitting

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