Japan's Nichia, Osram and Lumileds/Philips, for a long time, the upstream core technology of the LED industry is mostly monopolized by these three giants. They have long dominated the market. Data research shows that this situation is expected to be broken in recent years.

Many companies have grown rapidly due to increased competition in the global LED market. Among them, Korean and Taiwanese companies are the strongest.

However, in recent years, South Korea SeoulSemiconductor is currently developing rapidly in the LED market. In the next few years, Lumileds may encounter challenges from SeoulSemiconductor. In the past few years, Seoul has been growing faster than the overall LED market, and has been climbing from the 10th to the 4th.

Currently in the top ten are Japan's Citizen and ToyodaGosei, as well as Taiwan's Everlight and Kingbright.

Some LED companies are more focused on profit margins and product quality, and focus on the long-term development of the lighting market, not just focusing on maximizing revenue.

At present, the LED industry in China is mostly a middle and lower reaches channel, lacking independent innovation and core technology. We hope that we will work together to revitalize the national industry.

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