On June 9, 2010, at 17173 , the bustling crowd gathered at the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. An annual lighting industry event, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, opened on the same day. Corresponding to the intensive flow of people is the number of exhibitors with a record high in the calendar year. More than 2,000 companies have occupied 13 exhibition halls, and some companies even set up booths outside the exhibition hall. After the short-term impact of the 2008 financial turmoil, the Chinese lighting industry quickly resumed growth under the huge consumer demand.

On the other hand, LED lighting has become an advantage of this exhibition with its absolute advantage. Almost all exhibitors placed LED lighting products in a prominent position in the booth. Traditional lighting companies have searched for dogs on the basis of adhering to the original city pool, and have invested in LED development and application. A vigorous LED tide has swept the entire Chinese lighting industry.

Lighting exhibition or LED lighting exhibition?

"Now the lighting exhibition should be called LED application promotion exhibition, and about half of them are LED displays." Zhao Zhijun, general manager of Langbin Lighting, said in an interview with Sohu. Corresponding to Zhao Zhijun's words, although the organizers of the exhibition have not yet counted the specific exhibitor data, in the 13 exhibition halls, 6 of them were named after LEDs. In addition, LEDs were placed in a prominent position on the stands of almost all exhibitors. "Our exhibitions in Hong Kong, the United States, and Europe are also such home.focus.cn , and the lighting exhibition has almost become an LED exhibition." Li Yimin , vice president of TCL Group and general manager of TCL Lighting Electric Division, has the same feeling.

Compared with previous exhibitions, in addition to the significant increase in the proportion of LED exhibitors, another change in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has quietly emerged: LED products have gradually changed from decorative to functional. LED light source, LED commercial lighting, LED outdoor lighting, and even traditional home lighting companies have also exhibited LED home lighting products on a large scale. Home lighting is currently the most narrow field of LED lighting applications.

Vigorous tide quickly swept through China's LED lighting industry in a few years, wherever the forefront of search dogs, wind and water.

LED lighting "forced palace" traditional lighting company

“We have turned most of the traditional lighting projects to LEDs.” Wang Dequan, general manager of Songpu Lighting, told Sohu. If Wang’s strategy seems to be a bit drastic, then the behaviors of traditional lighting companies such as Foshan Lighting, TCL Lighting, Korean Modern Lighting, and Langbin Lighting can be counted as “smooth and silent”. On the basis of traditional lighting, they have launched a series of LED products, and actively try the market.

Do, or not? This does not seem to be a problem anymore. Although there are still technical and price constraints, LED has become an industry consensus. Traditional lighting companies have been transforming Tianlong Ba under pressure, and LED is rapidly changing the face of the entire lighting industry. "Under this development trend, we must intervene in this industry. If you don't do it, you will fall behind. If you are behind, you will be beaten." Zhao Zhijun, general manager of Langbin Lighting, expressed the pressure of the rapid development of LED on traditional lighting companies.

As early as more than a year ago, domestic lighting giants such as NVC Lighting and Op Lighting have already announced their entry into the field of LED lighting. After failing to cooperate with its shareholder Osram in the LED field, Foshan Lighting also sought a high-profile alternative partner. Although the local lighting giants began to become low-key after intervening in LEDs. But sensitive industry insiders feel that there is a prudent but urgent attitude behind this low-key.

Breakout LED Traditional lighting starts from the application

Although the 17173 foreign and domestic LED lighting industry still lags far behind in chips and other core technology, but Chinese companies are on LED applications spared no effort. It can be seen from the exhibition site that the LED application categories of domestic enterprises far exceed those of GE and Philips. In an interview with Sohu, GE Lighting’s general manager of Asia Pacific, Mr. Kimura, said: “Through our research, we found that the LED market in China is much higher than other markets in the world.”

“Starting from the application.” At this exhibition, Sohu reporters have thrown out the question of “how traditional enterprises cut into the LED field” to countless lighting companies, which is almost the standard answer. The application is the most terminal part of the LED chain. When the application matures, the focus of the home decoration network , Chinese lighting companies still have to face the two major problems in the industry chain that have not yet been solved: core technology and price.

In this regard, Dong Bin, general manager of Hyundai Lighting Co., Ltd. is optimistic that China's huge consumer market will attract a large number of foreign companies to enter, and exchange technology for the market through joint ventures and cooperation, thus raising the overall technical level of China's LED industry. At the same time, the further growth of domestic enterprises will also narrow the technological gap.

In terms of price, Li Yimin, vice president of TCL Group and general manager of TCL Lighting Electric Division, said that TCL is working on a system solution that will effectively reduce overall costs through reasonable system design. And more people believe that home.focus.cn , with the continuous acceptance of LED in the Chinese consumer market, scale benefits will also become an important factor in reducing LED costs.

What is more gratifying is that a rational understanding is emerging in the emerging LED industry: LED is not a panacea, LED can not completely replace traditional lighting products. Everything is as Mr. Kimura said: Under the premise of meeting customer needs, we don't have to replace all products with LEDs.

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