The 6th Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Cultural Forum Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group delegation recently came to Jiangmen, Guangdong Province to inspect Heshan Lide Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. Representatives from the mainland participating in the energy conservation and environmental protection group delegation include Wang Zheng, deputy director of the Economic Affairs Bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office, Zhao Penggao, Xiao Haiyan, Su Mingshan, Wen Zongguo, HD Bamboo, Huang Hongkun, Niu Jinhai, Su Fan, etc. There are convener "Chen Shizhen" of the "National Council for Sustainable Development", Huang Jintang, the convener of the "National Political Consultative Group", Wu Minmin, member of the Chinese KMT Central Committee, and special guests of the Chinese Kuomintang National Government Research Foundation, Huang Wanxiang and Xie Yanru, accompanied by Guangdong Province. Wang Yanshi, deputy secretary general of the Party Committee, Zhang Ke, deputy director of the Taiwan Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, and Peng Qingen, director of the Economic Affairs Bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office.

"This time I am delighted to see that there is a large space for cooperation in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection across the Taiwan Strait, but it depends on the unification of standards." In Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, Chen Shizhen, the convener of the Chinese Kuomintang National Government Foundation.


The 6th Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Cultural Forum Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group visited the Heshan Lide Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.


The delegation representatives discussed the application range of LED lights.


Compared with the power consumption of ordinary light bulbs, LED lights have higher brightness and consume much less power than ordinary light bulbs.


The delegation watched the special effects of LED lights.

“LED energy conservation and environmental protection, but also faces a common bottleneck: power saving does not save money. The most important reason is that the standards are not unified. The upstream technology and testing links are monopolized by the West. In fact, the two sides can cooperate and first develop the standards. "The company's chairman Fan Bangyang said.

This proposal resonated among the members of the delegation. Representatives from Taiwan and the mainland expressed their wish to unify the standards as soon as possible.

Chen Shizhen said: "The separation of the two sides of the strait for more than 60 years, the 'standard' is a big problem. The standard is not unified as soon as possible, which is not conducive to cross-strait cultural education in-depth exchanges."

Pang Chunlin, a special invited expert from the China Taiwan Affairs Office and executive director of the China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association, said that in fact, the mainland and Taiwan have standardized forums every year. In the past two years, the two sides have achieved certain aspects in these areas. progress. For example, the previous two sessions have completed the “terminology comparison table” in the field of semiconductor lighting.

Pang Chunlin believes that before the common standards have been established, the two sides can establish a related institution to combine the resources of experts on both sides of the strait to establish an expert database and establish a standard comparison evaluation center.

Many Taiwanese visiting guests said that they came to visit Guangdong and found that the two sides have broad cooperation space in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection. For example, Taiwan has mainly dealt with waste in the past, and has made full use of resource waste in these years. At present, there is a problem that there is not enough garbage in Taiwan, and the construction of sewers in Taiwan is also in full swing. The guests believe that cross-strait cooperation can be strengthened in these areas.

Lid Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Zhen Ming Li Group (hereinafter referred to as Zhen Ming Li). Founded in 1978, Zhen Mingli is a lighting group company that integrates product development, production, sales, design and construction. It enjoys the reputation of “the world's largest manufacturer of outdoor decorative lighting”.

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