Moderator: Enterprises are optimistic about LED. As an industry association, what do you think companies can do to make LED lighting?

Chen Yansheng: In recent years, our domestic enterprises, whether they are traditional lighting companies or enterprises that did not use lighting, have a boom in LED street lights. However, at present, the effect is not very good, and the quality is uneven. From the current trend, it is more inclined to do indoor lighting in the future, especially some alternative products of traditional light sources, such as LED bulbs and LED spotlights. In addition, there is a downlight, which has low power and fast heat dissipation. Because the indoor environment is better than the outdoor environment, the outdoor temperature difference between day and night is large, and the wind and rain environment is bad. In this environment, the product quality and stability are relatively high. I personally think that enterprises can develop towards indoor lighting. In addition, I feel that with the continuous maturity of LED lighting products, the continuous improvement of quality, and the continuous decline in prices, the competition in the future is fierce. In the fierce competition, I hope domestic enterprises will not Fighting the price, or to ensure the quality, is to work hard on the quality of the product, to provide high-quality LED lighting products for the market.

Moderator: Is LED lighting technically demanding? Is the threshold higher?

Chen Yansheng: The LED industry chain is relatively long. Now the lighting products we are doing are actually in the downstream of the entire LED industry chain. We are doing the application. In fact, most of the enterprises do not do extension, chip or package now. Now some companies are now beginning to package, and more companies are actually using encapsulated LEDs to make lighting products.

Moderator: What kind of development stage do you think LEDs currently occupy in the entire industry?

Chen Yansheng: Now LED is the indicator, display, decoration is very mature, and now the stage LED has begun to enter the stage of general lighting, but it is still in its infancy, there will be a long way in the future. As technology matures, its scope of application will become wider and wider, and the market share will gradually become larger and larger, and the future should be such a trend.

Moderator: From the perspective of LED lighting, is there a big gap between China and the international market?

Chen Yansheng: I think the gap between domestic and international is mainly reflected in the upstream, because the LED industry chain is more dense and the technology is more intensive. At the application level and packaging level, it should be said that the gap with foreign countries is not very big. There is a big gap between the chip and the extension in foreign countries, especially the white light used for general lighting and high power. This is a big gap with foreign countries. Therefore, many domestic lighting enterprise chips or packaged devices are imported from abroad. The gap between the domestically produced high-power white LEDs and foreign countries is still relatively large.

Moderator: This year's hot topic has been “low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection”. What do you think about the application of low carbon environmental protection in the lighting industry?

Chen Yansheng: Low carbon is closely related to the lighting industry. At present, it mainly develops energy-efficient products. For example, in the past three years, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission have been promoting high-efficiency lighting products in the form of government subsidies since 2008. The second is to promote The development of high-efficiency lighting products has also expanded in the domestic market. In general, the future development trend is to save energy and efficiency, but also to protect the environment. For example, in gas discharge lamps, it is necessary to reduce the amount of mercury injected. In the future, some measures will be taken for the disposal of discarded lamps. Energy conservation and environmental protection are the development trend of our lighting industry. In fact, energy conservation itself is low carbon.

Moderator: From the perspective of enterprises, the development of energy-saving and low-carbon products will certainly increase the cost to a certain extent. How can enterprises coordinate?

Manager Zhang: Why LED can't be widely spread now has a great relationship with cost. Sanxiong Aurora has been looking for more environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products in the past few years. It can achieve low-carbon and environmental protection through raw materials and technical means while reducing costs.

Moderator: Just now Manager Zhang talked about why the current low penetration rate of LEDs is because of the high cost. How to promote the development of LED lighting from the perspective of the association?

Chen Yansheng: We guide consumption through the products of enterprises. With the development of LEDs, the quality of LED products is slowly increasing, and the cost price will gradually decline. This will form a benign cycle. If your cost price drops, it will be even more Conducive to promotion, the more the promotion, the larger the scale of production, the lower the cost, which is the process of gradual development.

Moderator: What is the development trend of the whole industry from this year to next year, can you give us a summary or prediction?

Chen Yansheng: From the situation in the first half of this year after the financial crisis, the whole industry has rebounded relatively quickly. Basically, it has rebounded to the level before the financial crisis. Now most of the enterprises are producing at full capacity, and the orders are very full. The peak of the recovery after the financial crisis, I think that will gradually return to normal levels in the second half of the year until next year. In addition, I just mentioned that LED has now begun to enter general lighting. In the future, it may be a direction for lighting companies to work together in the research and development and promotion of LED products, especially in general lighting.

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