At the press conference held on April 2, 2012, the Japanese Display Company introduced the development of OLED panels. Japan Display Corporation said it will launch prototypes in the first half of 2012 and will decide how to mass production by 2013.

It is understood that the current active matrix OLED panel is basically monopolized by South Korea's Samsung mobile display. The Japanese display company said that its development of LTPS TFT liquid crystal and OLED are aimed at a slightly different field. If you just follow Samsung's OLED, I am afraid I can't win. Japanese display companies pointed out that when they produce OLEDs in mass production, they will follow the strategy of winning.

Using a high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate as a circuit board,Pure light color, good heat dissipation, low heat generation and good heat dissipation.

Low light decay,  can save you more than 90% of electricity costs.Long life, maintenance-free.

The surface installation is simple and convenient, and the illumination angle can be adjusted according to the installation environment.

High grade, aluminum alloy shell, anodized surface, beautiful appearance, high grade, specially designed for jewelry and other showcase lighting.

Surface Mounted Hard Shell LED Strip

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