At present, Apple is caught in the wheel of trademark rights protection. Jordan is also engaged in Jordan Sports. The US 337 investigation even focused on 13 lighting companies in China. The intellectual property disputes such as patents and trademarks can be described as fierce battles.

Nowadays, more and more facts show that patents have become a kind of war weapon behind the scenes among enterprises in various industries, and they are also the core content of competition among enterprises and the most aggressive weapon for attacking opponents. It is no exception in the field of LED lighting. . Recently, the reporter invited Liang Bingwen, executive deputy director of the Suzhou Industrial Technology Innovation and Breeding Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ren Yuanhui, honorary director of the Indoor Lighting Professional Committee of the China Institute of Illumination; Ye Guanrong, director of the Vision and Color Professional Committee of the China Illuminating Society; and president of the Guangdong Lighting Association. Experts such as health experts expressed their opinions on the development of LED lighting patents. They all agreed that the use of intellectual property rights as a legal weapon by foreign companies can be said to be a common practice. Therefore, Chinese LED lighting companies must fully prepare themselves for ideological and legal preparations before opening up overseas markets, striving to reduce the legal risk of their products as much as possible. .

Forced to build a "patent pool" awareness

In response to the current patent warfare, Quan Jian said that the appearance of patent disputes is a good thing. This can cause domestic companies to pay attention to patent issues, awaken patent consciousness of sleeping, and “force” a sense of crisis to protect knowledge. property.

In the interview, Ren Yuanhui once again stressed that there is a common phenomenon - LED chips and packaging equipment are mostly introduced from abroad and the country is in the imitation stage. Some enterprises are eager for quick success and lack of R&D capabilities. Patented weapons have become the focus of attention at home and abroad. However, most domestic companies do not pay enough attention to the patent issue. Frequent patent warfare can arouse the awareness of enterprises building a "patent pool."

Quan Jian also said: "For domestic companies to enhance their own competitiveness, not only the need for technology and market layout, but also need to lay out the patent, and the most important thing is the domestic construction of the 'patent pool'."

Indeed, domestic companies now face the third stage of international trade friction - technical trade barriers. Compared with large foreign companies, most domestic companies are relatively weak in terms of patents. Quanjian believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that, first, the weak awareness of patents among enterprises is the most important and most basic reason. Second, it is precisely because of the weakness of consciousness that enterprises are lagging behind in the concept of R&D team building and lack of R&D talents. Third, the lack of R&D funding is also one of the reasons for domestic companies lacking independent R&D and independent patents.

Wang Dianyou, honorary president of the Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Association, also stated that “most of the core intellectual property rights are in the hands of multinational giants. Once this market is launched on a large scale, these multinational giants will inevitably use the “patent pool” to restrict China. The development of the LED industry has made China's LED industry, like its predecessor manufacturing industry, at the end of the industrial chain, earning a meager processing fee, and the bulk of profits have been taken away by multinational giants.Therefore, China's LED lighting industry is doing a good job at present. At the same time as quality, we must attach great importance to the improvement of independent innovation capabilities so as to take the initiative in the future of intellectual property rights."

Acquire the Market with Patent "Attack"

Due to the imitation of counterfeit patented products, it has the characteristics of low cost and profitability, and “plagiarism” is rapidly growing in various industries. In the lighting industry, plagiarism between companies has long been a hidden secret. In the past ten years, the lighting industry has become a paradise for some unscrupulous businessmen. They have gone all out to copy products that imitate others in order to achieve the purpose of rapid accumulation of money. As a result, companies that have invested heavily in patent research and development have paid a huge price for the competition in this industry. Extremely fierce, even some companies are disheartened.

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