After the incandescent lamp's elimination roadmap came out, as an alternative to incandescent lamps, the energy-saving lamp has now occupied 90% of the market sales. However, the energy-saving lamp products that have just gained a firm foothold in the market have followed LED products. With fierce dominance facing the crisis of delisting, then, there is still much room for development in the potential of the energy saving lamp market.

Through an in-depth investigation of the energy-saving lamp market, the reporter found that there are now more than 3,000 brands in the market. If quality is divided into high, medium and low categories, high-end brands are mainly large brands or energy-saving lamps. For example, kiddy ghosts, snowsuit, Luyuan, sunshine, etc., and some of the major brands of complementary products, such as NVC, Op, Philips, etc., such brand sales accounted for a major share of the market, the proportion of about 100% For more than sixty, the main consumption channels are in cities, and the main consumer target is project-based projects. For example, in the sunshine energy-saving lamps, the annual sales of tens of millions in the Henan market account for two-thirds of the projects. Only 1/3 of the channel market sales accounted for the proportion of high-end energy-saving lamp brands. The market space is not in the retail space, but in engineering, while the retail market is dominated by low-end brands. Occupy, especially low-end brands, because of low prices, has been occupying such markets, such markets are mainly rural markets, and rural markets in Henan are After the subsidy of energy-saving lamps, they have become consumer-conscious. Therefore, the market potential has not really been demonstrated. If such market potential is fully demonstrated, the current proportion of market share will be reversed. This fully shows that there is still a great market prospect for the energy-saving lamp market, at least in Henan, a large rural population.

What is gratifying is that currently the production conditions of the energy-saving lamp market have met the conditions for universal development and the cost has been reasonably controlled. This ensures the promotion and popularization of energy-saving lamps. However, in the market survey, the reporter found that energy-saving lamps The sales environment of the market is very bad. Its main performance is in the vicious competition. The most important is the mutual price to suppress the competition. This result causes the cost control is too low, which in turn causes the quality of the product to decline. It also harms the consumers. Seriously disturbed the order of market operations. The reporter once went deep into the survey of energy-saving lamp manufacturing companies. According to the owner of an energy-saving lamp manufacturing company, a 2U energy-saving lamp with a pure three-color color of about 10 watts can ensure the quality. Under normal circumstances, the production cost should be around five yuan. However, on the market today, some energy-saving lamp products using mixed powder and poor quality components and PC recycled materials, the wholesale cost is only more than three yuan, and some even more than two yuan, this kind of product can not guarantee the energy efficiency standard of energy-saving lamps required by the country. Causes pollution of the light environment and causes damage to people's eyes. What's more serious is that they do not achieve true energy saving and environmental protection.

In the investigation of consumers, we also learned that the consumer’s perception of the quality of energy-saving lamps is almost zero. Consumers rely on the guidance of dealers to establish their awareness. Therefore, it is very difficult for consumers to rely on the market. Coupled with the low-quality energy-saving lamps is the price tag, which is particularly in line with the consumer psychology of the majority of consumers, so it has caused some of the market opportunities in this type of market, coupled with the current market is not as mature as other markets, so give Some speculators can take advantage of this opportunity, which also illustrates the potential of such markets.

Somewhat disturbing is that the energy-saving lamps that have just held a firm foothold in the market have not yet had a large area. LED products are frantically grabbing the market, and as LED's R&D technology continues to enhance innovation and production. The cost is also getting lower and lower. If it reaches the equivalent of an energy-saving lamp, the energy-saving lamp market will exit the market like an incandescent lamp. After all, the pollution problem of energy-saving lamps is very realistic.

The reporter calculated a sum of money, the country from promoting the popularization of the use of energy-saving lamps, spent about 10 years, and the promotion of LED lighting may not even need a decade, so that energy-saving lamps have at least five years of good conditions, Even if only for five years, the energy is unlimited compared to the potential of the energy-saving lamp market.

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