Toshiba Lighting Technology released two cylindrical (T-shaped) products (daylight and incandescent) in the "E-CORE" series of LED bulbs. The brightness is equivalent to a 40W bulb (600 lumens for daylight products and 485 lumens for incandescent bulbs) with a rated power consumption of 7.4W. This is the company's first launch of T-shaped LED light bulbs.

Toshiba Lighting Technology plans to use this product to replace cylindrical fluorescent bulbs (D-shaped and T-shaped, D-shaped fluorescent tube exposed models, T-shaped shaded models). Appliances using D-shaped and T-shaped fluorescent bulbs are often designed in a small size. In many cases, an ordinary LED bulb with an E26 lamp can not be installed.

The new product (T-shaped 7.4W) can be installed on special appliances for D-shaped and T-shaped fluorescent bulbs (not including heat-insulating construction equipment). Therefore, the utility model is applicable to a downlight which can be installed laterally in a lamp base, a lighting fixture which requires the overall brightness of the lamp such as a wall lamp and a chandeliers. In addition, it can be used for sealed appliances such as bathroom lights. However, it cannot be used for instruments and circuits with dimming function.

The dimensions of the T-shaped 7.4W product are the same as those of the Toshiba lighting technology's D-shaped fluorescent light bulb (FED15/13-Z), with an outer diameter of 40mm and a total length of 109mm. The light distribution angle is approximately 300 degrees and is also the same as the D-shaped fluorescent light bulb. The product can achieve a large light distribution angle thanks to the use of the inner reflector of the tubular lamp shade and the design of the LED light source at a lower position on the bottom surface of the lamp shade.

In addition, the luminance of the FED15/13-Z, which is a comparison target, is equivalent to a 60W light bulb (810 lumens) used in general lighting, and is brighter than the T-7.4W product (equivalent to a 40W light bulb). Toshiba Lighting Technology stated that it will continue to develop T-shaped LED light bulbs. In the future, it plans to introduce products with the same size and light distribution angle as those of D-shaped and T-shaped fluorescent bulbs, and the same size.

Both T-shaped 7.4W products will begin sales on February 10, 2012. For the suggested retail price (including tax), the incandescent lamp (model: LDT7L-G) and daylight (model: LDT7N-G) are both 5,670 yen (about 470 yuan). It weighs 125g and has a rated life of 40,000 hours. The sales target is a total of 240,000 products per year.

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