LED packaging factory Yiguang Electronics is optimistic about the application of LED in backlight and lighting this year. It believes that the LED industry boom will rise quarter by quarter. The proportion of LED lighting in Yiguang has increased from 9% last year to 15%, and its brand sales have achieved good results, 8W. The LED bulbs accounted for more than 50% in Taiwan, grabbing the first.

Yiguang said that its own brand of LED bulbs has been mainly based on 6W and 8W since it was launched in July last year. At present, 8W sales in Taiwan are the first, with a market share of over 50%. Continue to cooperate with the store, and also cooperate with the channel stores in the mainland, participate in the bidding, or cooperate with local manufacturers to promote LED bulbs.

In addition, Yiguang LED lighting own brand, respectively, Everlight, Zenaro dual brand, Europe and the United States Zenaro sales, Asia and the mainland with Everlight sales, has achieved the United States UL, European CE, Taiwan's CNS, mainland CQC certification, in LED lighting Leading the industry peers, we can also see the long-term efforts of Everlight to cultivate LED lighting. Last year, LED lighting accounted for 9% of the revenue of Yiguang, and reached 15% by the end of this year.

According to Everlight, LED TVs with direct backlighting have cost advantages and have been adopted by Japanese manufacturers. The current capacity utilization rate of Yiguang is about 60% to 70%. With the recovery of the economy, the capacity utilization rate will further increase, and the LED boom is expected to pick up quarter by season. Better applications can be seen in both lighting and backlight.

About Paper Covered Flat Aluminium Wire

Paper wrapped  winding wire is made up of bare from oxygen free Copper Rod or electrical aluminum rod by drawing or extruding processing and wrapped by insulation materials.paper covered single wire , with insulation wrapping in the outside layer 

As per Conductor Material:Copper , aluminum 
As per Inner Conductor: Paper wrapped bare  

Insulation thickness:Double paper covered (DPC) orTriple Paper Covered (TPC) ,According to Customer`s requirements  

Packaging DetailsInner packing : Wooden bobbin 
Outer packing : Wooden pallet and stretch film 
Or according to our custormers' requirements

Paper Covered Flat Aluminium Wire

Production Scope

Conductor of Paper wrapped  wire 
Bare Wire    Round Wire
Φ1.00 mm-Φ5.00 mm
Rectangular Wire thickness  a
1.00 mm-5.60 mm
                                    Width b
2.00 mm-16.00 mm
Conductor of Composite wires 
Max wrapping layers once: 24 layers for Paper Covered Wire
                                         4 layers per wire and 16 layers outside for composite wires
We could offer products of special requirements on conductor size, insulation layer thickness, or wire number of the composite.


Paper Covered Flat Aluminium Wire

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