Beijing Olympics tickets are embedded with RFID chips for the first time

During the Beijing Olympic Games, when the audience entered the competition venue, as long as the ticket in hand swiped on the ticket inspection instrument, the entrance was smooth after a beep. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Science and Technology Commission that the tickets for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will use tickets that embed chips. The number exceeds 16 million, which is the first time in Olympic history.

According to reports, the smallest radio frequency electronic tag chip in China belongs to a major scientific and technological project supported by Beijing. The chip was jointly developed by Tsinghua University and Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd. The minimum area of ​​the chip is 0.3 square millimeters, and the minimum thickness is 50 microns. Embedded in the paper, the longest recognition distance is about 5 meters. "Due to the high technological content, the imitation of this chip is extremely difficult, which effectively guarantees the anti-counterfeiting performance of the Olympic tickets, and at the same time simplifies the previous complex procedures for ticket inspectors to distinguish the authenticity of tickets one by one, which facilitates information statistics and ticket management." The relevant staff of the committee revealed that as a highlight of the "Science and Technology Olympics", the ticket's "memory" is also very good, and the ticket holder's ticket purchase time, location, when to enter the venue, seating area and other information can be recorded in detail , Thereby ensuring the safe and order management of the entire arena.

In addition to the ticketing field, the application prospect of the chip technology in logistics and other fields is also good. The Municipal Science and Technology Commission is currently planning to promote this new technology in logistics areas such as supermarkets. It is reported that due to the city's ability to provide a complete set of self-developed ticket inspection equipment and data management system, the chip's related technology is also expected to be further applied in the upcoming Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-speed rail.

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