[Text / high-tech LED reporter / Gao Jinyu] In terms of LED light source, light efficiency is one of the important indicators to judge product performance. In recent years, internationally renowned LED lighting manufacturers have been competing for light efficiency competitions. First, Cree of the United States began to sell LED products with a luminous efficiency of 160 LM/W in the market, and then Nichia introduced a large luminous efficiency of 133 LM/W. LED for power lighting. The US Energy Administration predicts that commercial white LED components will have a luminous efficiency of 215 LM/W in 2015 and a warm light portion of 184 LM/W.

Looking overseas, the light-effect chase game between big brand manufacturers is fierce, but the domestic LED lighting manufacturers are "ignoring" the light effect.

The fifth round of CLEAR testing project for high-tech LEDs - LED bulb detection results were released. The LED bulbs tested in this round have a total of 40 models, from 32 different well-known brand manufacturers (including some e-commerce sales leading brand products), among which There are only 3 light effect parameters on the outer box of the bulb, accounting for only 7.5%. The measured data of these nominal light effects are inconsistent with the nominal data. The Langxing 4W bulb is nominally 87 LM/W, the measured result is 70.8 LM/W, and the Wanhao 2.5W bulb is nominally 82 LM/W. The measured result is 61.6 LM/W.

Involved in the detection test of CLEAR test project Wei Hongbin said that the error of the measured data of the light effect is within the range of 10%, which is normal. There are many reasons for the deviation. From the aspect of detection, the instrument, the experimental environment, etc. will have an impact on the measured results. At present, there is no formal testing laboratory in China.

"This industry is very chaotic, because at present there is no mandatory unified standard in China, many LED lighting companies are making efforts to avoid weaknesses in product packaging, which is also a manifestation of their own products are not confident." Wei Hongbin said.

From the perspective of energy saving, the higher the light efficiency, the better. However, from the perspective of market demand and cost control, the light efficiency is not as high as possible. He Wenming of Wanbang Optoelectronics said in an interview with Gaogong LED reporter: "The lamps are exported to Europe and the United States, and the requirements must be 80. We have to do so according to such standards; and most of the lighting projects in China do not require any indications. By doing 70, the energy saving rate will be higher."

Many people who mention light effects will emphasize the relationship between light efficiency and the obvious change, which has become an excellent excuse for many manufacturers to cut corners and reduce costs. "There is such a relationship between light efficiency and obviousness, but the two can also achieve a balance. When both light efficiency and indexing require such high standards, production costs are naturally high. Some enterprises will adopt this relationship in order to control costs. Infinitely magnified." Wei Hongbin said.

2013 fifth round CLEAR plan LED bulb lighting effect test results publicity

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