Fujitsu: SSDs will be replaced within a few years of immaturity

According to news from July 10, according to foreign media reports, Fujitsu's vice president of business development Joel Hagberg (Joel Hagberg) recently said that the current generation of solid-state hard drive technology is not yet mature, and Fujitsu will not enter the market in the next two years.

Heiberg said that for PC manufacturers that have launched SSD notebooks, they have all been complained by customers and are not satisfied with the performance of SSDs. When reading some small files, the performance of the SSD is fairly satisfactory. But for the reading and writing of large files, the solid-state drive seems to be unable to handle it.

Heiberg believes that solid-state drives are currently only suitable for certain areas, such as handheld devices, mobile phones, iPods and MP3 players. For high-performance servers, if solid-state drives are used, they will soon be scrapped.

Heiberg said that over time, the proportion of SSD applications will increase. But in the next 2-3 years, the market share will still hover around 5%. Heiberg believes that phase change or other types of storage technologies will replace the current generation of solid-state drives in the next few years.

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