Cabaret, dance hall, discotheque are different places of entertainment, and the equipment used in the design is also different.
The cabaret generally sings mainly. In addition to discs and cassettes as accompaniment, some also use band accompaniment, so multiple microphones should be provided. Some singers have higher requirements for microphones and mixers when singing. The mixer should use 12-channel, 16-channel or 24-channel input according to the band size. Singing and jazz drums can use dynamic microphones, and trumpet, saxophone and other wind instruments and string instruments often use condenser microphones. In order to make all kinds of musical instruments can exert their effects, it is best to place one microphone for each instrument, and the jazz drum should be placed with multiple microphones, and the distance between the microphone and the bass drum, barrel drum, snare drum is about 10cm, so that Make the band get the best results.
Each cabaret should not only design the placement of the speakers according to its shape and size, but also select the audio equipment according to the reverberation time parameters of the dance hall, so the designer should be very aware of the sound parameters and quality of various brands.
In addition to placing the main speakers on both sides of the stage, the speakers of the cabaret can be used to hang auxiliary speakers on the lighting shed and the seat ceiling according to the area and height of the cabaret. The number of monitor speakers on the stage is determined according to the size of the stage. In order to avoid clipping distortion of the peak signal of music and singers, the speaker must have sufficient power margin, so when selecting the speaker, the power is preferably larger.
The sound design of the general ballroom is relatively simple, as long as there is sufficient volume on the dance floor.
The sound design of discotheque is different from that of cabaret and ballroom. The main feature of disco sound is that it requires strong bass power. Because the strong low-frequency frequency can produce a strong sense of rhythm to stimulate nerve excitement and make it feel pleasant.
Often in discos of two to three hundred square meters, thousands of watts of music power are needed to ensure the effect. In order to ensure sufficient power and strong bass in the discotheque, in the selection of speakers, 15-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch large-diameter woofers are often used, and 4 or 8 subwoofers are often placed on the ground to deliver bass Or super bass. 4 to 8 high speakers can be hung on the light shed, using the characteristics of the speakers to shoot to the dance floor, so that not only can the dancers enjoy powerful music, but also prevent the seats around the dance floor from showing excessive music .
Special attention should be paid to the matching problems in the sound configuration of the dance hall. Such as impedance matching, power matching, damping matching, etc. Poor system matching will result in signal distortion; too much distortion can turn the signal into a square wave, sometimes even severely damaging the system.
Power amplifier, speaker power and impedance matching are the most critical issues in the system. Most professional speakers are equipped with power overload protection circuit. When the power of the power amplifier is greater than the power of the speaker, the protection circuit starts to work and the speaker is protected. Therefore, in matching the power of the power amplifier and the speaker, the power of the power amplifier can be appropriately greater than the power of the speaker. The advantage is that the power margin of the power amplifier is large, and it can adapt to a larger dynamic signal without overload distortion.
In impedance matching, the output impedance of the power amplifier is preferably the same as the nominal impedance of the speaker, so that the power of the power amplifier can reach the rated value. If the load impedance is greater than the output impedance of the power amplifier, the output power of the power amplifier will be reduced and it is easy to be overloaded and distorted. If the load impedance is less than the power amplifier output impedance, the system may be damaged. Usually, in order to achieve impedance matching, it can be realized by series, parallel or hybrid methods.
In short, it is not an easy task to design a perfect song and dance hall. The sound, lighting, decoration, seating arrangement and art design, as well as the overall layout must be coordinated to achieve a better overall effect.
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