In the era of poverty and backwardness, reading is based on pine oil lamps and kerosene lamps. Myopia is fresh and fresh. Now, various eye-protection lamps and eye-protection devices are innumerable. Myopia ratio has risen linearly. What causes myopia? So flooded?

The study found that there are two major reasons for the formation of myopia, congenital hereditary and acquired eyesight, Beijing Institute of Adolescent Health Research confirmed that true hereditary myopia accounts for only about 40% of all myopia, most of myopia is due to learning The lighting environment and excessive use of the eye.

Strobe is the chief culprit in myopia. The so-called stroboscopic is the continuous change of the alternating current voltage, which causes the periodic variation of the light intensity. The flash memory is in all the AC light sources, such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal lamps, etc., usually 100 times/second, precisely because of the frequency. The flash is hidden behind the lights and is not noticeable, so many teenagers prematurely carry heavy eye bags. Dr. Wellskin of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom confirmed that stroboscopic is the main cause of the surge in modern myopia.

So what light does the eye need? Scientific research has found that the ideal light source must have the following conditions: no flicker, stable illumination, large and uniform illumination area, color temperature of about 4500K (equivalent to 9 o'clock in the morning), color rendering index ≥ 80 or more, and illumination of about 500 lux. . Homes, classrooms, libraries, and other places where young people learn should be equipped with such a light source. At present, only high-quality three-primary fluorescent lamps have a high power factor electronic ballast, which makes the number of stroboscopic times reach 60,000 times/second, which is harmless to the eyes.

The basic principle of non-polluting energy-saving lamps is to use an electronic ballast with AC-DC-AC frequency conversion function to convert 50 Hz 220 V power frequency AC into 40KHz AC power, and add it to the three-color fluorescent tube to drive the fluorescent tube. Electroluminescence. Because the driving power frequency fluctuates greatly, the stroboscopic depth of the fluorescent tube is less than 5%, and there is no stroboscopic effect. It has been proved by scientific calculations that the electric power frequency of the discharge lamp of the fluorescent lamp should be between 40 and 80 KHz, and the higher the frequency within this range, the smaller the stroboscopic depth of the fluorescent tube and the smaller the stroboscopic effect. The smaller it is. At present, only the three primary color fluorescent lamps produced by Rongtai Electric Light Source are the best lighting fixtures for teenagers.