Lighting has become an indispensable part of modern life. With the booming development of lighting technology, lighting not only meets the requirements of vision, but also meets people's requirements for a comfortable, humanized light environment. To this end, Universal has been working hard to find more comprehensive lighting solutions.

As early as 1999, Global Matt has introduced the series of analog dimmable electronic ballasts for floor lamp table lamps. So far, Universal has the most comprehensive range of analog and digital fluorescent lamps on the market. Light system.

Analog fluorescent dimming system
Universal's analog dimming system mainly includes: T8 straight tube fluorescent dimmable electronic ballast, T5 straight tube fluorescent dimmable electronic ballast, CFL compact fluorescent dimmable electronic ballast, TorchiereDim series ring Fluorescent dimmable electronic ballast and matching 0-10V dimming controller. All products are PF>0.98, THD<10%, special IC design, reliable performance, perfect protection, widely used in small and medium-sized conference rooms, offices, homes and other lighting places.

Since its launch, the product has been widely praised by customers, adjusted to the darkest, energy saving up to 80%, dimming to the brightest, power factor can be as high as 98%, lamp power can be continuously and smoothly adjusted without stroboscopic, 0 -10V DC control signal for easy intelligent control. The products are fully in line with national and international standards.

AddressPro Series Digital Dimming System <br> The powerful AddressPro digital dimming system provides a one-stop dimming solution. The entire system contains digital dimming ballasts (for T8/T5 and compact fluorescent lamps). Dimming), function modules (for dimming light sources such as halogen lamps, incandescent lamps, etc.), wall control switches with infrared receiving function, remote control, optional infrared receiving kit, and scene dividers. The ballast uses a microprocessor to read commands and control the amount of lamp current. The AddressPro digital dimming system is suitable for situations where multiple zones of light are to be adjusted in a single electrical circuit. Easy scene programming allows for easy storage and recall of up to 12 scene settings. The product is widely used in conference rooms, classrooms, offices, churches, dance halls and other places.

AddressPro regional application – for example an office with 4 areas

All zones can be controlled by separate controllers or by a single controller

DaliPro Series Digital Dimming Ballasts <br> Global Dimet's other dimming series, DaliPro, is a ballast designed for DALI-controlled systems or building management systems. Digitally addressable lighting interface for DALI-compliant control systems to achieve dimming levels in the construction industry. This product is suitable for use in a single room with a wall controller or in a networked building with a building management system.

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for lighting has not only been simply lighted up. People hope that the lighting of life and work environment is more intelligent and the application is simpler. As a global leader in the development and manufacture of ballasts, we believe that innovation is the source of competitiveness. The analog and digital overall dimming solution launched this time will surely meet your diverse lighting needs.

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