Introduction: Slang exhibited white LED products for general lighting at the Frankfurt Lighting and Architecture Exhibition from April 23 to 27, 2006.
The Ostar product is made up of 6 chips. With a lens up to 420 lumens (28 lumens per watt) and no lens 300 lumens (20 lumens per watt), each operates at 700 mA. This high-power LED is brighter and consumes less energy than a 20-watt halogen lamp. Its hexagonal shape allows for high package density and allows multiple LED combinations to be combined to create a range of illumination or flexible design patterns. Ostar products can be installed with just screws or clips.

Golden Dragon can offer almost any white light color. It is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications, from ceiling lights and picture lighting and cabinet lighting that require excellent color rendering store window lighting. Due to the optimized SMT package heat dissipation, there is no product heat generation for the illuminated object. Golden Dragon is based on ThinGaN chips.

The typical luminous efficiency is 40 lumens per watt in daylight white, 36 lumens per watt in warm white light and 32 lumens per watt in warm white light. These LEDs have a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. At a maximum operating current of 500 mA, daylight white has a luminous efficiency of 64 lumens per watt, medium white color temperature of 58 lumens per watt and warm white of 47 lumens per watt.