Like the mysterious and awesome grassland wolves depicted in Wolf Totem, Wenzhou merchants are also a mysterious tribe. In Chengdu's major professional markets such as clothing, leather, electromechanical, and lamps, the power of Wenzhou covers almost every corner. In the Chengdu glasses industry, the market share of Wenzhou businessmen is even as high as 90%.

Their success is due to the unique "wolf" of their entrepreneurial style and management methods - the group attack, not to do it, to do the strongest.

On the morning of January 16, Wenzhou people Yu Weiguang drove his own Audi to the glorious city of the city near the Shuimo River. As the leading figure in the lighting industry in Chengdu, Yu Weiguang is now one of the largest lighting companies in Chengdu, the general manager of Weiguang Lighting Art Chain. Although the chain stores that have worked hard for many years have their subordinates to take care of, they can't help but go to the store when they have time.

The “Weiguang Lanyi” flagship store is located in the center of the market, with an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters. It is also the largest single store in the brilliant lighting city. Walking through the jungle of lighting, Yu Weiguang, who is in his 30s, is full of ambitions: "My goal is to build 50 'Weiguang Lanyi' chain stores in Sichuan within two years, and 100 in the southwest market within five years."

Attack and seize the fleeting opportunity

The wolf survives in a harsh natural environment, and its adaptability and endurance are extremely strong. It is sensitive to smell, longer than capturing opportunities and hitting it. In the early years, the Wenzhou merchants started to work hard, but they often found the market from no market, and seized the fleeting opportunities from the gaps of the little-known marginal economy, thus killing a way of life.

In the early morning of August 1985, Chengdu North Railway Station, Yu Weiguang followed the crowd of people in the crowd and screamed at the station. This is an unfamiliar city. People speak languages ​​that he can't understand. Wenzhou is thousands of miles away.

This year, Yu Weiguang was still under 15 years old, just a teenager who had not finished reading in junior high school. But he is still like many Wenzhou people. When he was young, he went out alone, and he was carrying 500 yuan from his apprenticeship.

Yu Weiguang was originally planning to go to Chengdu to do business in Chengdu, but when he saw him too small, he told him to go home. When Yu Weiguang was angry, he went out to sell himself. Everything is difficult at the beginning. Yu Weiguang still remembers: "People are too small, they don't understand, they are bullied by doing business, others don't give money when they take things, and they have to fight for it." The impression was deep in the county. The payment for the goods, the rain on the road, the money did not receive a high fever, and no money to go to the hospital, lying in the small hotel for 3 days and 3 nights, "almost a feeling of waiting for death 1

However, the characteristics of Wenzhou people's perseverance and tenacity also appeared at this time. "We are the boss during the day and sleep on the floor at night, all of which are bitter." In order to achieve a business, Yu Weiguang even had as many as seven visits to wait for customers' records, and finally succeeded in impressing each other.

Yu Weiguang started up little by little. After a little savings, he rented a small facade to sell electrical appliances on Dongda Street. In the process of selling electrical appliances, Yu Weiguang found that the lighting industry, which was monopolized by state-owned shopping malls, was booming, and the manufacturers of lamps were almost all in Wenzhou. This is a field that has been neglected. Yu Weiguang, who is sharp-eyed, feels that there will be more room for development than home appliances. So he began to try to change his way and sell Wenzhou lamps to Chengdu for sale.

"Trying" is out of control. Compared with the hot home appliance market, the start-up lighting market is considered to be “unpopular” and there is almost no competition. Every time the lamps are sent back to Chengdu, they are robbed, and even customers who have not bought them “threaten” Yu Weiguang. If you don’t sell the samples to me, I won’t leave! The eyes are sharp, the opportunity is good, and I dare to dare to do it. This is Yu Weiguang’s evaluation of himself. East Street, more than 10 years ago, has created a number of successful lighting business operators, and Yu Weiguang is one of the most successful among them.

Broken wrists closed 44 stores in 3 days

The wolf will never fall into the same trap or step on the same trap. Even if he unfortunately stepped on the trap, he would not hesitate to bite his foot in exchange for his life. Wenzhou businessmen will also have failures, and even the lessons are painful. But at this time they will make decisive adjustments and even survive.

Since the beginning of 500 yuan in Chengdu, Yu Weiguang has been bumpy and has been stumbled for 20 years. In the process, he also walked a lot of detours, and his industry was once stormy.

In 1995, Yu Weiguang, who was only in his 20s, has become one of the best figures in Chengdu's lighting industry. He has completed the original accumulation of capital and has several branches. As the company continues to grow and develop, his mind begins to heat up, and why business can do it. Hearing that Beijing’s lighting business is doing well, Yu Weiguang did not conduct a detailed inspection and went north. However, due to the misjudgment of the Beijing market, the sales of lighting have not been able to go up, and without the help of friends, business has not been good. After a year of hard work, the Beijing store had no choice but to close the door and lost about 300,000 yuan.

After returning to Chengdu, Yu Weiguang, who was quite unconvinced, thought of doing other projects and soon became fascinated with the hot leather shoes business. He went to the wholesale market near Qingnian Road and found that the shoes every morning "is not sold, it is simply grabbing." Yu Weiguang, who is in a hurry, hastened his hand and made a store to do it himself. However, if the interlacing is like a mountain, Yu Weiguang does not understand the style, materials and seasonal needs of the shoes. He looks at other people's shoes, but his shoes are piled up like no one.

After persisting for about half a year, Yu Weiguang lost more than 500,000 yuan in the leather shoes business. He didn't dare to hesitate any more, and decisively turned back to killing his familiar lighting industry. Since then, Yu Weiguang, who has paid a high "tuition fee", insisted that the industry that he does not understand is determined not to touch.

After a few years, Yu Weiguang has been walking very steady and his business has grown bigger and bigger. But last year it suffered another failure, and it is still in the lighting industry that I am familiar with. A well-known lighting manufacturer in China joined forces with him to open a chain of lighting in Sichuan. Yu Weiguang’s ability to move is amazing, and 44 have been opened. Unfortunately, management could not keep up in a short period of time, and these chain stores quickly piled up problems. Yu Weiguang once again made up his mind and took the courage to break the wrist of the strong man. In just three days, all 44 stores were turned off, and this toss lost hundreds of thousands of yuan.

"It’s not terrible to fall. It’s terrible that you don’t have the courage to stand up. Wenzhou people never give up easily. You can’t beat him down.” Yu Weiguang, who has repeatedly lost his battles, even believes that although some lessons are painful, they are not all bad thing. "If I lose 300,000 yuan this time, then I will definitely earn 3 million yuan back next time. The lesson is also a valuable asset."


Final industry leader

A group of wolves are hunting enough to hunt horses or herds many times larger than themselves. The reason for the success is because the wolves are longer than collective operations. A clear division of labor, good collaboration and mutual complement are the keys to success. The terrible thing about Wenshang is that they maintain a perfect offensive formation like a wolf in the course of team battles, and even give up some of the benefits available to achieve the ultimate goal. When Yu Weiguang captured business opportunities in the Chengdu lighting market, a large group of Wenzhou people soon followed. Among them, Yu Weiguang's lover, younger brother, cousin, cousin and so on. Later, more Wenzhou people came to Chengdu. In this way, in a certain industry, a group dominated by Wenzhou people has gradually formed. More importantly, they are united and trust each other. As long as there are good projects, everyone will discuss them together and then invest quickly.

"The strength of a Wenzhou people is limited. The strength of a group of Wenzhou people is terrible." Yu Weiguang said that as long as Wenzhou people hold a group, hundreds of millions of yuan of funds will be quickly mobilized, and even hundreds of millions of yuan will not be in the funds. Under the words.

Due to the chaotic price of the past lamps and lanterns, some merchants will price a few thousand dollars, and then sell them to customers for a few hundred yuan. The "water" is so deep that people can never see it. Yu Weiguang took the lead in proposing the creation of the first fine lighting chain store in Sichuan Province. This makes it difficult for Chengdu people who are known for their savvy to accept it. The sales volume of several chain stores of Yu Weiguang continued to decline, and even the lovers and employees could not help but anger. However, Yu Weiguang insisted that in the past, the lighting market was discounted, resulting in a messy price and a very bad influence. If you continue to do so for a lifetime, you can't make a brand.

It took more than a year to complete the lighting products that were not discounted and accepted by Chengdu people. Subsequently, Wenzhou people began to integrate the lighting industry after getting enough voice. Under the joint efforts of Yu Weiguang and others, almost all Wenzhou businessmen in the market responded at the same time, and all follow up. The phenomenon of chaos has been effectively curbed, the price system has been further improved, and sales have been greatly improved.

Today, Yu Weiguang and other Wenzhou people have become the monopoly of the industry in the Chengdu lighting market. The industry is estimated to have occupied more than 70% of the high-end market. Looking around, Chengdu's electromechanical market tastes clothing wholesale, luggage market and other industries, Wenzhou has become an absolute leader, and the market share is mostly above 60% or 70%. Especially in the optical industry, it is said that more than 90% of the market is in the hands of Wenzhou businessmen.

President of the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan, He Bi Award:

Don't talk about investment as "speculation"

Reporter: For the Wenzhou people who started their business in Sichuan, what does the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce mean to them?

Ho: There are more than 120,000 people in Wenzhou in Sichuan. They are far away from home. The Chamber of Commerce is their warm home. It means safety, trust and warmth. Members have encountered some troubles, and they are also habitually looking for a solution to the Chamber of Commerce. Like us, members come to the door almost every few days, hoping to defend their rights or resolve some business disputes.

Reporter: Is it a loose organization like the Chamber of Commerce that attracts everyone, is it still about business opportunities?

Ho: This is the case. Because of the sharing of business information resources, it is a prominent feature of Wenzhou. Where are the business opportunities? What investment trends have you made recently? As long as it is in the circle of Wenzhou people, it can almost be made clear. More than 2 million Wenzhou people are distributed throughout the country and even the world. This huge network is unimaginable to ordinary people. Some other businessmen may think this way: I have business information, but I don't tell you. Wenzhou people are not like this. They know that there is no living space for "single-handed horses". If they are united, they will have a greater chance of winning.

Reporter: What are the characteristics of Wenzhou people's group investment?

Ho: A single Wenzhou businessman does not have a lot of investment in Sichuan, but the total investment of many Wenzhou people is large. Like the Meishan big market project won by Wenzhou people last year, the total investment is more than 200 million yuan. When faced with such a huge project, we can come out through our Chamber of Commerce and bring together other Wenzhou people to find a solution. As long as we look at the direction, everyone will unite and concentrate their limited funds to do big things, so that hard bones can be broken down.

Reporter: Because of the influence of Wenzhou people's real estate speculation, coal burning, and speculating mines, many people are used to wearing a "fried" hat for Wenzhou people. What do you think of this phenomenon?

Ho: In fact, you may wish to be more objective and tolerant. It is understandable that Wenzhou people are attacking and profiting everywhere. It is inevitable that all investment behaviors will be characterized as "speculation". In our view, "group buying" certainly has an advantage. For example, if you buy a house, Wenzhou people can buy 50 sets or 100 sets when they go. It is definitely more cost-effective than buying one set. People who are ignoring people's real estate speculation, why don't they unite in this way? Don't buckle the top and bottom of the "fried" hats to Wenzhou people, but learn more about their investment scent and superb skills.

Reporter: The current stock market is so hot, why don't Wenzhou businessmen love stocks?

He: Wenzhou people like to do business, do not do projects that they are not allowed, such as stocks, futures and so on. But for tangible value items such as real estate, Wenzhou people especially like to invest, which has a lot to do with the pragmatic character of Wenzhou people. Moreover, the real project is good, profitable, and can be taken down at any cost.

Reporter: How do you view the role of Wenzhou businessmen in the market?

Ho: In a sense, the special group of Wenshang is a rapidly developing Chinese economy. They are very active, constantly capturing opportunities and playing a role in activating the market. At the same time, in the process of transmitting information to the latecomers, still inadvertently assumed the role of the leader. The hard work of Wenzhou people can also play a subtle role in the surrounding people. I know that there are also many Sichuanese who have integrated into the Wenzhou people's group, started a business with Wenzhou people, and have achieved a win-win situation.

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