Hymite has received over $11.5 million to support its development of compact silicon-based packaging for high-power LEDs. Danish-German technology company Hymite A/S, a supplier of silicon-based wafer level packaging products for electronics, micromechanical and optoelectronics components, Has closed its Series Preferred B financing round totaling Euro 9.0 million ($11.6 million). Funding came from a European consortium of VCs consisting of TVM Capital (Germany), InnovationsKapital (Sweden), Dansk Kapitalanl?g, Vaekstfonden, and IVS (all Denmark ).
Hymite says that the new investment will be used to strengthen its sales organization, increase its customer base and build up its manufacturing infrastructure using external foundries.
Hymite's silicon-based wafer level packaging products are low-cost solutions that enable new and better ways to package ultra-compact, high-brightness LEDs, as well as MEMS components and RF devices for mobile phones. With its current product portfolio Hymite is addressing High-growth volume markets including handheld devices, consumer electronics, and automotive products.
High-brightness LEDs have become one of our sweet spots, said Jochen Kuhmann, CTO and founder. For LEDs to penetrate into markets where today traditional incandescent light bulbs dominate, Kuhmann believes that efficacy needs to increase to 70-80 lumens/watt.
We help to achieve that by providing a package that oligomer removes the heat from the chip so it can operate at higher currents and lower junction temperatures, thus increasing output and extending lifetime, says Kuhmann. Our packaging technology platform is based on standard manufacturing processes. With this platform we can significant enhance performance of the packaged components while maintaining very competitive prices for our products.
With key customer wins in both high-brightness LED and MEMS, our wafer level packaging solutions have proven their potential in high volume, high growth markets, said Claus J?rgen Nielsen, Hymites CEO. New requirements from the markets such as smaller footprint and The higher performance are bringing business in our direction. Wafer level packaging is a clear industry trend and we are supporting this with a low-cost, reliable solution that adds value to the customers.
"May convinced that silicon-based wafer level packaging is the solution for MEMS, electronics and Optoelectronics products, since simplicity, size reduction and integration equals cost reduction.