Introduction: Shenzhen Enterprises has developed a new type of LED lighting source that saves 80% of electricity compared to ordinary incandescent lamps and wins large orders from overseas customers.

[Reporter] (Reporter Yang Yong) Yesterday, the new LED lighting source developed by Shenzhen Bangbeier Electronics Co., Ltd. passed the expert appraisal organized by relevant departments.

Thanks to the first collective packaging and integrated design, and 80% more energy saving than ordinary incandescent lamps, the new LED lighting source of the company has won the favor of overseas customers. It has received more than 200 million export orders.

Technology reaches the international advanced level

In 2004, the company established a research and development team to start research on LED lighting sources. After more than two years of repeated research and development, the R&D personnel successfully designed a new product with a large power LED lighting source. Its unique integrated package and integrated design can not only effectively meet the heat dissipation requirements of LED special light sources, but also fundamentally solve the problem of complete matching of lamp cups, bulbs and lamps, and can widely replace other light sources of traditional lamps.

After authoritative testing, the product has the advantages of power saving, long life, no radiation, no stroboscopic, etc., and has won unanimous praise from the review experts, and believes that its technology has reached the international advanced level.

Annual income is expected to reach 500 million yuan

At present, Bangbel has achieved mass production of this product, which can produce 500,000 pieces per year. In the absence of standards at home and abroad, Bang Boer has independently developed corporate standards and has been approved by the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

After the European and American lighting dealers were informed of the news, they have recently come to discuss the order. Li Shengyuan, general manager of the company, said that if the follow-up funds keep up, it is expected to achieve annual sales income of 500 million yuan in the short term.

LED is a new environmentally friendly light source. It is listed as a major development plan in Europe and the United States. China has also launched a major project for LED lighting industrialization. Shenzhen is one of the five industrial demonstration bases in China. It is reported that China's annual lighting power consumption is 200 billion to 300 billion degrees. If all of them are replaced by LED light sources, they can save at least 160 billion yuan per year.