In order to accelerate the development of renewable energy in China and promote the process of energy substitution, the China Renewable Energy Society, the China Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association Renewable Energy Professional Committee, and the China Rural Energy Industry Association Solar Thermal Utilization Committee jointly named Huangming Sun Valley. China Sun Valley aims to make solar thermal development and utilization a core competitive and globally leading industry by increasing support for key technologies in the solar industry.

Zhang Guobao, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and director of the National Energy Administration, said: The solar industry is currently the most potential and realistic industry for renewable energy. It is the main force for the replacement of conventional energy in the country in the future. In particular, it is worth noting that compared with other industries. The core technology of China's solar thermal industry is far ahead of the world level. Accelerating the creation of advantageous industries will drive and promote the further development of the solar energy industry and contribute to the rapid development of China's renewable energy industry.

More than 500 new technologies per year transform Sun Valley into a solar thermal utilization high-tech incubator

It is understood that China Sun Valley is located in Dezhou, Shandong, China, covering an area of ​​more than 5,000 acres, covering solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic power generation and lighting, solar energy and building integration, solar high-temperature thermal power generation, warm-screen energy-saving glass, solar air conditioning, desalination Many categories of renewable energy applications. According to the plan, it will become the world's renewable energy production and manufacturing center, research and development testing center, science education center, sightseeing and tourism center, conference exchange center, referred to as the five centers.

China Sun Valley has become the world's largest solar energy high-tech incubator, and a solar industry gathering place that integrates related supporting industries. It has brought together the world's top solar thermal utilization technologies and mastered the core technologies of solar thermal utilization and building energy conservation such as interference coating, high-temperature thermal power generation, and warm-screen energy-saving glass. Every year, more than 500 new technologies are transformed into productivity, most of which are new or new technologies and products that are globally leading or unique. For example, Huang Ming uses patented interference coating technology to produce three high-tubes, four high-pipes, and UTLE polar cold tubes, and exclusively controls the production technology of coated steel tubes for core components of high-temperature thermal power generation, leading the development trend of the world solar heat utilization industry.

Independent intellectual property rights rate of over 95%

China Sun Valley has a complete set of industrialized production systems for solar thermal products in the world, and the independent intellectual property rights rate is over 95%. The industrial system is completely independent innovation under the conditions of no introduction and no introduction. It covers the upstream industrial chain control, core technology, automated production lines, and testing technology, including the world's first vacuum tube automated production line. Huangming Testing Technology Center (with 15 laboratories, 317 corporate standards, 6.6 times international standards) with the largest scale, the largest number of testing projects and the finest standards in the world.

The Sun Valley gathers two brands, Huangming and Yijianeng, to form the world's largest solar thermal utilization manufacturing base. Among them, only Huangming has a promotion volume of 2 million square meters a year, which is equivalent to the EU's total and twice that of North America. More.

Shi Dingzhen, the State Council Counselor and Chairman of the China Renewable Energy Society, believes that the promotion and application of renewable energy in China is currently in the field of solar thermal utilization. Sun Valley’s technology research and development strength is already in the world’s leading position. The main reason for the valley is that Huang Ming hopes to lead the all-round development of the industry with leading advantages.

Tomorrow, China Sun Valley will become the world's leading technology and product incubator for solar energy, becoming the real world solar silicon valley.

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