With the development of society and the improvement of people's material needs, the intelligent control method using lighting dimming has also been improved with the continuous innovation and development of electronic ballast technology. The use of dimmable electronic ballasts for intelligent control of high-efficiency fluorescent lighting has become a reality.

Universal Matt's dimmable electronic ballast products, since 1999, first introduced the 2D58W/65W dimmable circular fluorescent tube floor lamp and table lamp series in the US market. Up to now, we have the most complete and most widely used fluorescent dimming series on the market.

Brief description of the fluorescent dimmable control system: The dimming of fluorescent lamps is different from that of ordinary incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps. Since the luminescent properties of the two lamps are different, the mechanism for dimming is also different. Ordinary incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps can be dimmed by adjusting the input voltage. Fluorescent light needs to pass through the ballast, generating a high voltage across the fluorescent tube to turn it on, and its current does not abrupt, so that the fluorescent light is turned on. After the fluorescent lamp is lit, the ballast also maintains the operating current of the lamp. To dim the fluorescent lamp, it is necessary to dim the fluorescent lamp according to the different needs of the illumination through the dimmable electronic ballast and the dimming controller.

The advantages of fluorescent dimming:
1. In actual use, it is 30% more energy-efficient than ordinary electronic ballasts.
2. Light efficiency is 80% more efficient than ordinary incandescent and tungsten lamps.
3. The light source has a wide range of applications, including a ring light source, a linear light source, a planar combined light source, and a point light source.
4. Create a changing lighting environment for different times and different occasions.
5. Intelligent dimming system control can be realized.

Brief description of the dimming control method:

Generally, the dimming controller generally has the following modes: DC1~10V analog annunciator control; infrared or wireless remote control; thyristor dimmer switch; digital addressable dimming interface (DALI).

DC1~10V analog annunciator control-- is a common and standardized lighting control method in the global market. It can realize individual, group control and intelligent group control. With the intelligent control module, each ballast can be controlled. This type of dimming method is widely used. Generally used in homes, high-end intelligent villas, hotels, intelligent buildings, office halls, lecture halls, school ladders, conference rooms and other buildings.

Infrared remote control - use this method to control the occasions for single control or small range dimming. Infrared remote control is directional. The advantage is that the modification is convenient, and the control module can automatically adjust the brightness of the indoor illumination by sensing natural light. This method is simple and the cost is low. More used in home and small-scale lighting applications, such as: ceiling lamps, grille lights, downlights, lighting strips, etc.