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Wolfson Microelectronics, Inc. announced the launch of the WM8903 codec chip, the first product in the company's next-generation ultra-low-power audio device family. Combined with new and innovative technologies, the WM8903 is designed to significantly extend the playback time of audio-enabled portable devices such as portable media players, multimedia handsets and handheld gaming systems.

The ultra-low-power codec chip, the WM8903, delivers Wolfson's high-performance audio and market-leading power consumption in an ultra-thin, low-profile form factor to meet the stringent requirements of today's multimedia portable devices. The WM8903 enables designers to advance product design levels and develop compelling, highly differentiated end products.

The WM8903 features Wolfson's new SmartDACTM technology, a unique low-power digital/analog converter capacitive switch architecture that delivers 4.4 milliwatts of power from digital/analog to headphones and includes The ability to program the "Performance vs. Output Power" curve allows system designers to optimize each use case, such as in different states, such as connection or movement.

The WM8903 chip also includes Wolfson's Class W amplifier technology. This technology evolved from G/H technology using an adaptive dual-drive charge pump and DC servo chip architecture. Class W headphone amplifier technology intelligently tracks actual music signal levels and uses an adaptive dual-driver charge pump to optimize power dissipation. The WM8903 chip can also operate on a 1.8V common voltage that supplies both analog and digital power rails. With a very high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), the WM8903 can share noisy power rails with other digital devices without performance degradation. This architecture not only optimizes power consumption, but also eliminates the need for large DC blocking headphone capacitors, greatly reducing the total bill of materials (BOM) of printed circuit board space and audio subsystems. It also brings additional audio performance improvements through an improved bass response.

The WM8903 is an engineering masterpiece for better sound quality, which further enhances its audio performance by integrating Wolfson's innovative SilentSwitchTM technology. The technology expands the "pop&click" suppression capability by integrating complex clamp and sequencer circuits. During power-up and mute/unmute, the output is held to ground by clamping, and unwanted noise at the headphone amplifier output can be effectively suppressed.

Using a built-in, delay-time programmable sequencer to turn the various components of the WM8903 on/off significantly reduces "beep" and dramatically speeds time-to-market by reducing software driver development time.

When in recording mode, the WM8903 uses an advanced dynamic range controller (DRC) to optimize the quality of recorded sound. Wolfson also uses a “quick release” impulse noise filter that increases the resolution of the recorded sound in the presence of loud impulse noise. This noise filter accurately identifies the difference between sudden, unwanted noise and the actual rise in the desired signal being recorded.

The WM8903 chip provides the core of a distributed ultra-low power audio subsystem. Its inherent flexibility allows system designers to choose the latest digital output microphones through an integrated digital microphone interface, such as Wolfson's True Mics technology. This is achieved by six highly configurable analog inputs for stereo microphone recording, as well as a variety of analog audio sources connected. Additional audio output also allows seamless connection to efficient Class D speaker amplifiers, such as Wolfson's WM9001 (sold earlier this year), which can be used on portable media platforms with speaker requirements.

The WM8903 is now sampling, in an ultra-thin 40-pin, 5x5x0.55mm QFN package, ideal for space-constrained portable applications. When the order quantity is 10,000 pieces, the unit price is 1.80 US dollars.
The WM8903 Customer Evaluation Board and its Wolfson Interactive Installation and Configuration Environment Software (WISCE) can be used to support device evaluation and development. WISCE software provides a unique interactive register mapping interface that supports device setup control and supervision as well as fully assured C code for external input.

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