Every time I go to Shin Kong Shopping, I always choose to go to the DIESEL store to turn around. Although the purse doesn't provide the purchasing power at will, the moment I enter the store is always attracted by the mood created by DIESEL. Maybe because of the crush on rock, maybe because of the decadence, maybe because of the preference for cowboys, every time you see the new denim canvas shoes will play for a long time, happy to communicate with friends will look very good; see the new jeans will also be called The clerk takes a number that belongs to him, no matter how unfit he will fit in, and it takes a long time in the mirror...

Fashion art 2

Fashion art 3

Fashion art 4

Fashion art 5

I recently saw Diesel's top, most creative and imaginative DIESEL DENIM GALLERY store in Tokyo. This is the third art store of the brand after Osaka and New York. All the clothes in the store are handmade, and this is a selling point. For me, this DIESEL control is an abyss that cannot be extricated. Gallery is the meaning of "gallery". Introducing the concept of the gallery into the store. It is a kind of marketing with the best brand spirit. The fashion and art associations collide with an unimaginable spark, and every piece here is Modern art is well integrated into the brand's clothing culture.

DEISEL's fashion culture has already broken through the field of fashion design, where it provides a platform for cutting-edge artists to make a big difference. Because Party A hopes to hold a high-end modern art exhibition every two months, and it needs to combine DEEISEL's limited edition clothing during the exhibition, the design requirements for the gallery are quite high. Not only do you need to sell fashion, but you also need to sell culture and pursue a life attitude of this spirit.