At the same time as the application field of LED lighting continues to expand, the use of LED in the automotive industry has gradually entered people's field of vision. Although its scale is not as large as the market size of general lighting, it still has a large market appeal, and high-brightness LEDs The application of the automotive industry not only brings unlimited business opportunities to LED manufacturers, but also brings some bright spots to the automotive industry.

He Zaihua, a senior researcher at China Investment Consulting, pointed out that although the application of high-brightness LEDs in the automotive industry is relatively new, the business opportunities brought by its superior features are indeed quite amazing. Because high-brightness LEDs have the advantages of shock and vibration resistance, thermal cycling and long life, which greatly improve the performance of automotive lighting, they will gradually emerge in the automotive industry.

Although the use of high-brightness LEDs in the automotive industry can produce powerful effects, there are still many problems in current applications. Reliability and service life are the first considerations, followed by efficiency issues. Again, their response speed is in brake lights. And the use of the direction indicator also needs to be tested. Of course, its directional problem is a key consideration because its surface-emitting characteristics may not be suitable for all areas of lighting inside and outside the car.

According to the "2010-2015 China Semiconductor Lighting (LED) Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" released by China Investment Consulting, there are many complicated standards for the use of automotive lighting LEDs, for example, regardless of the voltage is 40 volts, 60 volts, 80. Volt, or 100 volt LED drive circuit must meet the stringent requirements of automotive EMC specifications. For LEDs driven by high-efficiency, inductive switching regulators, it is difficult to meet the above requirements, which will increase the cost.

Zhang Yulin, research director of China Investment Consulting, pointed out that due to the limited scale of mass production of automobiles, there is far no scale effect in the general lighting field. Therefore, it is the next goal of LED to be used in the automotive field as much as possible. The use of external functions, including lighting in the car, pedal lighting, etc. are all areas worth using. In addition, the entertainment use in the car is also a big attraction. The use of flat panel display will further increase the LED. The scale of application in the automotive field.

PVC insulated flexible wire refers to electrical wires with excellent flexibility. This kind of wire adopts pvc insulation, which is very resistant to corrosion, impact, abrasion, weathering, and even chemical rotting, therefore it can well protect the inside conductor  and ensure large electricity transmission capacity. Also the wire has a decent mechanical strength, presenting a super performance when acted by  mechanical force. This wire finds its application in household appliances, Mini Electric Tools, instruments, lighting & other electrical equipment.



  • Corrosion & abrasion resistant
  • Resistance to breakage
  • Large tensile strength
  • Good moving performance
  • Good softness
  • Excellent elasticity and stickiness
  • Resistance to skin effect
  • Long life span

flexible wire

pvc insulation




Rated Voltage:


 pvc insulation flexible wires


  • Household electrical appliances
  • Small electric power tools
  • Instruments
  • Apparatuses
  • Lighting devices
  • And many more...

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PVC Insulated Flexible Wire

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