21ic News Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Renesas Electronics) has launched a new SoC series for portable multimedia players, e-book readers and Internet TVs. The new products can realize the audio of portable audio and video equipment through a single chip. And video playback.

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The new series of SoCs is the EMMA mobile EV series featuring the latest ARM CortexTM A9 high-performance CPU, which combines the functions required for MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264 HDTV (1920 × 1080 pixels) video playback on a single chip.

The new family of SoCs offers the following advantages: (1) in a 9 × 9 mm package size, which is approximately one-third smaller than the company's existing 16 × 16 mm (mm) package; (2) integrated DRAM for high-speed DRAM interface design It is omitted to help realize the miniaturization of the system and the simplification of the system structure. In addition, in order to meet a wide range of market demands, Renesas Electronics has also developed the EMMA Mobile EV0-S SoC without DRAM.

The new line of SoCs supports low-cost, versatile, high-performance, and fast-to-market for portable audio and video, e-books and other embedded systems. In recent years, a large and diverse range of portable multimedia data playback products and handheld products such as portable media players and e-books are booming and have reached an average annual growth rate of 10%. By 2013, the annual output is expected to reach 4.5. Billion. In addition, as TVs and other information devices are gradually becoming more network-connected, these products are also tending to have more features and higher performance. This has led to the development of a new multimedia audio and video equipment market with a higher level of multimedia function chips.

The multimedia audio and video market is highly competitive due to the short life of the product. Therefore, there is a strong demand for the rapid launch of semiconductor products for mobile audio-visual equipment and functions that can realize multimedia data playback at low cost. Renesas Electronics' new line of SoCs is designed to meet these needs.

The main advantages of the new product are as follows:

(1) The package size is reduced by about one-third of the existing SoC products. In order to meet the market demand, the most suitable system design is developed. Renesas Electronics further optimizes the chip size and pin data to make it functionally required. Reduced to a minimum within the range. Following this philosophy, the package size of the new product has been reduced from 16 × 16 mm of the existing EMMA Mobile EV SoC to 9 × 9 mm, a reduction of one-third.

(2) Packaged DRAM
The new product uses SiP (system-in-package) technology to create an optimized size DRAM in the same package, further miniaturizing the system. In addition, since the design of the external DRAM high-speed interface is omitted, it helps to simplify the circuit board design of the end product.

As a strategic product for the mobile audio and video field, Renesas Electronics will actively promote this new series of SoCs. In addition, in order to reduce the system development burden and partnership for users, Renesas Electronics will also provide an evaluation and development environment.

In the future, Renesas Electronics plans to integrate the new series of SoCs into the company's "R-Mobile" series, which is based on Renesas Electronics' new integrated SoC platform (integrating core technologies essential for the future connected society) Developed products for mobile devices.

Product prices and supply Renesas Electronics EMMA Mobile EV0-D and EMMA Mobile EV0-S SoC are scheduled to start in April 2011 with sample prices of US$35 and US$30 respectively. The mass production plan is scheduled to begin in October 2011. The monthly output is expected to reach 1,000,000 pieces. (Product prices and availability are subject to change without notice.)

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