Piccadilly Circus is the bustling heart of London, bordering the famous streets and areas of West London. In addition, he is known for the spectacular large advertising signs on the northwest corner between Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. Most billboards in the past few years have been neon, but they have gradually been replaced by LED displays. But when TDK decided to upgrade their traditional neon to LED technology, they chose Barco, which works with MT2 and Beaver Solutions. The result is a high-brightness, energy-efficient LED display with nearly 100 square meters.

Project management company MT2 and system integrator Beaver Solutions are already familiar with Barco's technology because they have partnered with another Barco LED digital billboard in Piccadilly Circus in 2007. MT2's Neill Macklin said: "This is quite simple. When it comes to image quality, Barco is second to none. Brands need to be watched, especially as in Piccadilly Circus, there are too many fascinating places. The brightest And the most abundant images."

But there are other considerations. Mr. Macklin said: "As consumer awareness of energy consumption continues to grow, Piccadilly Circus leasing space has become an important financial consideration, and a 24/7 digital LED display should be energy efficient. We are pleased to find Barco's The 16mm TF-16BK LED tiles consume less energy than their competitors and are the best visuals."

The new LED billboard uses a web-based Scala content management system from Beaver to ensure accurate and reliable content replay. With this system, you can play a variety of media formats at this venue, providing complete flexibility for participating creative agencies.

Barco's TF-16BK LED tiles are also known as "black" LEDs. This enhances their contrast level and color saturation. The minimal impact of display construction is due to the thin structural design and front-end access capabilities of Barco LED units designed for service needs.

Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine:

This ploughing cultivator is centered on a rotating column and surrounded by ploughing knives. The land ploughed by our machines is very loose, the soil has been improved, fertilizer and soil conservation. Through cultivated land, the surface soil layer of a year is turned to the lower layer, so soil maturation is accelerated, which is conducive to promoting the journey of soil aggregate structure, thickening the living soil layer, deepening the cultivation layer, and increasing the living soil layer. 


Rotary Cultivator for Agriculture02

Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine Technical Parameters:

1. Cutter shaft: single-axis

2. Tilling width: 2000 mm

3. Size: 2250*750*980 mm

4. Rated power: 51.5-65KW

5. Weight: 386KG

Typical Applications: can be worked in paddy field, dryland or hilly ground.


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Rotary ploughing Cultivator Machine

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