Among the dealers in Taiyuan, about 55% of the distributors are Wenzhou. They are hardworking and simple. They have been rooted in the Taiyuan lighting industry for more than 10 years, and the longest is 20 years. Among the most representative merchants are Taitong Lighting, Blue Bird Lighting, Daming Lighting, Chuanye Lighting, and Mercure Lighting. In particular, it is located in the street of electrician and electric materials in the west seat of the modern decoration world. According to Zheng Congling, the head of the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, Lanzhou Lighting, Wenzhou businessmen are the protagonists in Shanxi, and they have a place in the fields of clothing, electronics, building materials and home appliances. In the lighting market, more than half of the business households are from Wenzhou, and there are silver, high-rise, modern, etc., from the store area, sales in the local are considered big.

The Wenzhou business agent brand in Shanxi is mainly based on the hometown brand, the switch produced by Wenzhou, and the price is relatively more advantageous. In addition, there are a large number of Wenzhou businessmen in the lanterns, mainly acting as home lighting brands, mostly in the ancient town. There are also some engineering lighting Wenzhou businessmen, the main agent brands are Long?, Leike, etc. These agents also have a certain price advantage in the wholesale, even if a light cup can earn a few cents can be sold.

In the course of business, Wenzhou merchants in Shanxi have always been operating with integrity, and the boss took the lead in the store, and has a good reputation in the local area. The general manager of Taitong Lighting, Song Songyue, has been doing lighting business in Taiyuan for 13 years. He left his hometown to bring his wife and children to Taiyuan for sale in the early years. At that time, there were less than 10 merchants selling lamps in Taiyuan. Yan Songyue said frankly that they are the first Wenzhou businessmen to come to Taiyuan, uphold the concept of good faith management, not to lose business, even if they make less money. At present, although the store is not the largest store in the local area, but the passenger flow is rare in the Taiyuan lighting market. Their sales outlets are located in every corner of Shanxi, with low prices and attention to product quality.