In the past few years, due to the positive development of the lighting industry, many social hot money has entered the market. According to incomplete statistics, only a few dozen new large-scale lighting markets (districts) were built in the past year. The saturated lighting market is more competitive, and many new lighting markets have been smashed for various reasons. How can the new lighting market avoid this kind of defeat? This article will discuss the promotion, business strategy and advertising strategy of the new lighting market in a specific case.

Case introduction: Zhengzhou famous lighting plaza has been opened since May 18 this year. Every day, people are lingering and the sales situation is gratifying. According to the statistics of the famous lighting plaza management service management center, since the opening of the business, the average daily sales amount of the famous lighting plaza has reached 500,000 yuan, and the daily average traffic volume is 50,000. For a store that opened less than two months ago, it can be said that it has achieved initial success. So, what tricks did the famous lighting plaza use? Investment Tips: Light City Takes Risks For each new lighting city, the success or failure of the first step of investment determines whether it will continue to operate normally. Affected by the development of real estate, the domestic lighting market is developing very fast, but there are not many successful lighting markets. Many investors are unfamiliar with the investment situation of the lighting city or do not understand the innovation of the investment strategy, which leads to the failure of the investment promotion. The accumulation of funds for the normal operation of the lighting city can not be realized, which makes the whole project have to be stranded. As a result, investors' investment in the early stage is so vast that many investors will often suffer from such investment failures. In Chengdu, there is a lighting market that failed due to the lack of investment, which led to the failure of the lighting city project. After the investment of tens of millions of investors, investors were forced to go bankrupt under the pressure of banks and creditors. It can be described as a mistake, and all the losses are lost. How can we ensure the success of China Merchants? Numerous successful experiences have shown that the essence of the investment in the city of Light City is to make the merchants settled profitable. To make the merchants profitable, the first thing to do is to reduce the operating costs of the early stage of the business and how to help them profit. Phoenix Famous Lighting Plaza noticed this in terms of investment attraction, so it was successful in the initial investment promotion. There are many factors for the successful success of Phoenix Famous Lighting Plaza. There are many years of brand appeal of Phoenix City, mature commercial district, stable flow of people and convenient transportation, but the most important factor is “0 rent investment” Extraordinary power. “0 rent investment” makes the merchants who are stationed no longer worried about the rent pressure of the initial entry into the store, but can concentrate their own funds on service and channel development; nor worry about the temporary increase caused by consumers who are not familiar with the market. Sales difficulties; “0 rent investment” is also a signal to the majority of lighting manufacturers and distributors, that is, the lighting city is indeed supporting and helping them with practical actions, to share the risks with the market, and share the risks of the market; Through “0 rent investment”, the risk is left to bear the burden, and the profit is left to the dealer to maximize the rent; 0 rent is actually a warm market between the market and the merchant, which is the biggest responsibility for the merchant, so the famous lighting square has achieved a large number. Trust and support from manufacturers and many general distributors or distributors.

It can be said that the success of the famous lighting plaza in attracting investment has laid a solid foundation for the later opening and continuing operations: attracting consumers' attention. Now consumers are paying more and more attention to the shopping environment and the decorative style of shopping places. The planning and design of the store should adhere to the combination of science and art; to make the whole mall look magnificent, magnificent, and rich in style; at the same time, according to the size and direction of human flow logistics, human body mechanics, etc. to determine the direction and width of the channel. . As we all know, the goal of planning and design of the store is to make the market as attractive and convenient as possible to the customers, and to effectively use the space in order to obtain satisfactory sales volume and profit. The planning and design of the famous lighting plaza has fully taken into account this point. Through the adjustment of planning and layout, the products are displayed to the greatest extent, and planning has become a "tool to promote sales." The famous luminaire plaza is such a new luminaire city. Its 6-meter-wide large passageway and 3-meter-wide small passageway are intertwined to connect the store organically; the setting of the hand-held freight elevator makes the consumer and merchant goods up and down 2 The 3rd floor is more convenient and convenient; central air-conditioning, good ventilation and exhaust system, plus the introduction of the central hall and the large-scale green plant landscapes, make the 40,000 square meters hypermarket environment pleasant, fresh air, let Consumers are lingering and forgetting to make the best use of the good hardware environment and the city environment to create consumption opportunities for the majority of customers. Managing the marketization of shopping malls Nowadays, many lighting markets are learning from the operating mode of shopping malls. Famous Lighting Plaza not only has the planning and design of shopping malls, but also inherits the essence of shopping mall management: shopping mall management, market-oriented operation, overall promotion and unified property management. The famous lighting plaza has achieved the goal of high grade and low price through market-oriented operation and shopping mall management. It can give full play to the price advantage, resource advantage, scale advantage, geographical advantage, business advantage and brand advantage. At the same time, the implementation of the "customer satisfaction as the criteria" service policy, the introduction of strict management into the market, put an end to counterfeit and shoddy goods, and continue to strengthen pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, strict implementation of price measurement policy. We also set up a service center in each mall, equipped with a special car, opened a 168168 province after-sales service hotline, and launched a "service gold card" and telephone return visit quality tracking, better to benefit the majority of consumers. The success of Mingyou Lighting Plaza in the short term is largely due to the mature shopping mall model of “market management, market-oriented operation, overall promotion and unified property management”. All-round three-dimensional publicity During the opening period and two months after the opening of the business, the famous lighting plaza held various promotional activities, and each weekend has different profit-making promotions. During the opening ceremony on May 18 and the “7 1” celebration of the founding of the party, the famous lighting plaza spent huge sums of 500,000 yuan in the opening and promotion of major media, promised to be in any other store within 7 days after the consumer purchased any goods. It is found that there are spot products of the same brand, the same model, the same specifications and the same quality as the price of the famous lighting plaza. After verification, the same price is refunded or the difference portion of the consumer is refunded, and 10% of the difference is paid. At the same time, in order to better achieve the promotion effect, the famous lighting square has set up a “surprise scratching” and held a large-scale sweepstakes to attract consumers. The square management party has established long-term cooperative relationships with some local mainstream media, and has placed a large number of advertisements in newspapers, television and radio stations, increasing the popularity of famous lighting squares in the hearts of consumers. At the same time, actively use the role of street sign advertising and reach an advertising agreement with the taxi line. Nowadays, the body and the interior of the local taxi are the image propaganda of famous lamps. The famous lighting plaza opened in the local market for almost two months. The establishment of the popularity has laid a solid foundation for the formation of the reputation of the famous lighting plaza. The future famous lighting plaza will definitely be better.