Recently, Marley Gray, head of Microsoft's business development and strategy, introduced global blockchain developers and entrepreneurs to Microsoft's blockchain platform, Bletchley.

On June 15th, Microsoft announced an open blockchain platform driven by its own cloud computing platform, Azure, dedicated to helping corporate consortia build blockchain ecosystem architecture.

Here, practitioners can obtain the open source infrastructure provided by Microsoft, building a point-to-point transaction system that can be implemented through blockchains between individuals and individuals, and between organizations and organizations, as well as developing interfaces for Dapps (decentralized applications).

In addition, some of the features provided by Microsoft include:

Integration of identity, key management, privacy, security, operations management, and interoperability features.

Performance, scale, support, stability, these are all crucial.

The Consortium blockchain uses an invitation system. Ideally, only licensed network members can execute contracts.

Marley Gray revealed that the Bletchley V1 version incorporates the two main concepts of Cryptlets and Oracle, the former being mainly the smart contract consensus mechanism protocol, the latter being the channel to access external data sources, linking the blockchain master contract and the external world. Bridge. With Oracle and data feeds, real-world data can be substituted into a blockchain.

For detailed application characteristics, see the following full text of Marley Gray's speech:

First of all, what I want to share with you is what Middleware is. Last year we announced our BAAS at the first conference of Ethereum. It is a platform like blockchain as a service. Then we are very excited to announce with you. Some of our Dapp features. Feedback from our users, there are a lot of technical details here and they hope they can try. So I hope to eventually help everyone to better use our platform. If you do not try, you have no way to innovate. Of course, if you do not innovate, there is no way you can survive or seek long-term development in such an industry.

I think that as our industry, in fact, it is very good, because we have a very open source infrastructure, and we can achieve through the blockchain of individuals and individuals, as well as between the organization and the point-to-point transactions between the organization. Of course, we know that the blockchain itself has some missing parts. If we only solve these problems through the blockchain platform, it is obviously not enough. Let's say we speak of a database. As a database, it actually has a lot of features. So we got to know our customers, and then we came to know what they thought was missing the blockchain, and of course they listed some of their ideas for us, although it wasn't very comprehensive.

First of all, for example, they need secure authentication, whether for their own identity authentication or for the identity of the items I hold. We know that these are actually very difficult problems to solve, so we need to make an appropriate store of our keys, and we want to ensure that our keys are managed safely throughout the life cycle. In fact, as Microsoft, we also have such problems, so we hope that we can improve and innovate the methods we have created to make it easier for us to write more secure and effective code. This is a process like this, so it is said that we also need some tools and data services in our commitment process.

Here we are very pleased to announce that the first version of our Bletchley V1, we have seen the fact that this Bletchley, it is a worker's name, of course, this worker from the name, but also played a very important cryptography. Here you can see that I listed some relevant information about Bletchley on this form. We said that on such a platform, we hope it is a core content of our blockchain. Because the spokesperson from the super bookbook also mentioned that there is in fact no single blockchain, in fact all of our chains should work together in collaboration, so that the cooperation of the blockchain can use different channels to establish them differently. Blockchain. So under such circumstances, we can carry out free innovation. This is what we and our partners are currently doing.

On top of this, we have a team. They are also very helpful. They created a platform with us. This platform has virtually nothing to do with the blockchain. It can be used in any blockchain. This platform operates. Of course there are some of our solutions, so the first version of Bletchley, in fact, is the block network we talk about Ethereum Alliance chain. If you put your code on the Internet, how do you ensure the security of your code? Because we know there are many problems with the code that need to be solved. We have seen that there may be some information that needs to be kept confidential. We will ask eight questions here. This question is asked in five to eight minutes. This question will ask about 4 to 100 nodes of the network. Questions are asked in a very serious way.

In fact, here I list the network in the lower right corner, which is a very private or private Ethereum alliance chain. We know that we can now interact with hundreds of intersections to see how their alliance chain should be implemented.

Another point is the Flebic cloud. In fact, I hope to help the blockchain to create some information. In the first two days of the conference I also mentioned Cryptlet. Generally in this case there will be smart contracts to help us achieve the function, and we will also have an intermittent time, say every 15 minutes. All of these are external market information we talk about. Of course, we can analyze or collect data from our customers through an internal system, such as a CRM system.

Of course, what we just mentioned is credible data. Of course, do we need such trustworthy implementation? Of course, we say it is needed, because the implementation of the trust is very important for all parties, and this can also be achieved through isolation or through other applications for the implementation of security. So we hope to protect one of our intellectual property rights applied to our blockchain. It is also hoped that our transaction can be run on all nodes. This means that we need to extend our algorithm to achieve maximum performance. And we need to do more complex interactions, we will have some distributed applications, you can embed this application on multiple blockchains, and you want your transaction to pass through all of the blockchains To realize this is a very complicated matter. In fact, our research in this area has also been going on for a long time. Of course, we also hope to increase the performance of existing companies using the blockchain and their size.

Let's take a look at how Cryptlet works. Here we have a network of corporate alliance chains with some blockchains. No time when the market stalled, if we say that the market is open today, we will open smart contracts. For example, we need to get the price of gold, this is very important, so in this case, we will intervene in Cryptlet. If we want to let all three counterparties agree, we need such an Oracle.

Here, if we say that this bank is Oracle, there are some problems with hedge funds, so in this case, we need people to believe that our agreement is a secure agreement, or that our host is a safe one. Host. At the same time, we also hope that Oracle can be tested and verified. In the end, we let all parties believe that the system is safe to run.

So here we all see, in fact there is a verified host, which is running on our Oracle platform. Here is a simple comparison between Cryptlet and Oracle. In fact, Cryptlet is a very standard infrastructure. We can define it very clearly and it can be used as a platform for developers to create the database or program they need. Library. For example, we need to create some new program applications for this market, which can also be achieved through Cryptlet.

This may be a bit more technical. As you can see, there is a node of the blockchain, which is implemented by Cryptlet. We see that Cryptlet has a trusted envelope, so this can be run on your desktop computer or on a different device such as your laptop. This is a Bletchley Cryptlet Fabric we talked about. We see that if it is an existing supply chain, because we actually support Ethereum, of course we will also support other types of blockchains. So here we can see that we can break down your different concerns and we can transfer your Mist between different data. These capabilities can be implemented through Fabric, but of course we can also implement all these operations in a consistent manner.

When it comes to the scale of the company, it is related to the corporate alliance chain we are talking about. Here we have a WW super-scale cloud, which we talk about as Azure. We can look at the fact that we have now deployed such an Azure cloud in more than 30 regions around the world. It is also growing continuously. The execution is very fast, and there are many options at the same time, and you can also increase the flexibility of the database on the blockchain network and extend it to other geographical locations. For example, we have a data center here, which is hosted by 2 billion Net. We have customer data, transaction data, and may have to be in China. But if you have a global blockchain, you can still deliver it. We have many such data centers. These are just some locations. We have about 100 data centers around the world. Most of them are very large-scale, high-redundancy data centers. You may have to look at them personally. It is possible to know how big the data center really is. The structure of our blockchain covers the whole world.

Some key points of view, what does it mean for the blockchain, for the ecosystem of developers and businesses? What does it mean if a company wants to have a reliable blockchain network? The first is that you can perform on-demand, secure execution. We can guarantee its security, as well as guarantee its flexibility and high performance, and it is a provider of secure data. You can get market data and you can publish your own market data. You can create and consume some data, so you can compare prices in real time.

Extensibility and flexibility means that scalability and flexibility can be achieved when the code is executed. We have a Scale architecture so that you can isolate the concerns. You can also implement a certain architecture for your solution to achieve scalability. At the same time we are a developer friendly ecosystem, we support all blockchains, we will support their favorite tools, make these resources extensible, you can create your own library to publish it so that others can also find You can also find existing libraries in your library. If you need some application features, you can find the reference code in the code, you do not need to worry about where Cryptlet is, whether it is safe, can you get such a high performance I need. There is also a standard way to publish and obtain external resources, which is also very important.

Finally, I would like to share with you a road map of Microsoft. At the beginning of this year or in the autumn, we released a general-purpose blockchain based service and Dev Test Labs, which is not only based on corporate development. It is mainly based on the alliance so you can create Dev Test Labs, and then you can safely create it. Now that we have announced Beletchley V1, we and Ethereum community can jointly announce to the open market, while improving security, but also can improve the code After the life cycle, we will have Blechley's V1. Thank you for inviting us. I hope everyone’s happy today. Thank you!


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