PPTV 65C2 TV adopts Innolux 4K ultra-high-definition panel, applied direct-type backlight, the screen resolution reached 38402160, allowing users to see every detail in the picture, compared with the traditional HD resolution, the picture is more delicate texture . In terms of configuration, PPTV 65C2 TV has MIMO dual-income and dual-receiving technology, 1G memory + 8G large storage space, professional-grade Mstar 6A938 chip with Mali-T720 graphics processor, release a powerful processing power, to ensure a smooth playback experience. At present, this TV is sold at a price of 3,999 yuan for Suning's e-shop, which is very good value. Click here to enter the e-commerce interface for details.

With the rising purchasing power of the younger generation, the appearance of traditional home appliances has become one of the criteria considered by users. The PPTV 65C2 Ares TV uses the classic night sky black for overall color matching. There are no extra accessories and any jump colors, retaining the beauty of the TV product itself. When the TV was turned off, the black frame merged with the black screen, and it also showed the God of War 65-inch screen. This design is very suitable for any home environment while maintaining a low-key classic.

As an Internet video content service brand with eleven years of experience, PPTV's strategic content layout at the big screen endures no compromise. Not only is there a five-year league title exclusive to La Liga, but China’s cutting-edge Zhang Yuning is the sole owner of the game. In addition, UFC and WWE, two top-tier fighting events that have accumulated huge numbers of high-quality fans in the country, have their own broadcast rights. Others such as the Champions League, AFC, Bundesliga, Premier League and other football feasts have also been copyrighted. At the same time, the purchase of PPTV 65C2 TV will also give away three months SVIP members, in addition to removing advertising, there are many privileges.


[Reference price] 3999 yuan
[Distributor] Suning Tesco

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