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International Standards Organization 3GPP plans to freeze and release the NB-IoT, a narrowband Internet of Things technology standard based on cellular networks, in June this year. After the announcement of the standard, Huawei's British company Neul will launch the NB-IoT commercial chip at the end of September this year. This will be the industry's first commercially available NB-IoT chip, and its chip price will be short-distance communication chip price. near. The realization of the Internet of Everything has added a big weapon, and the popularity of the Internet of Things has accelerated.

Electronic core news Morning News: the first Haisi NB-IoT chip will be launched in Q3

First, semiconductor news

1. Qualcomm denied that the new flagship 820 chip has a fever problem. In response to rumors that the new generation of flagship chip 820 is still hot, Qualcomm publicly denied it yesterday. It is an indisputable fact that Qualcomm's previous generation of flagship chip Snapdragon 810 fever is serious. The flagship models of many mobile phone companies have been affected. Even some mobile phones have to use the Snapdragon 810 chip to control the temperature. Last year, Qualcomm released a new generation of flagship chip Snapdragon 820, claiming to have solved the problem of heat. Since the beginning of this year, mobile phone chips equipped with the Snapdragon 820 chip have been listed. However, recent news that the fever of the Snapdragon 820 is still serious.

Electronic core news Morning News: the first Haisi NB-IoT chip will be launched in Q3

2. Ziguang shares in the case of counterfeit goods: shareholders will not discuss. The Economic Committee of the Legislative Yuan held a meeting this week to report on the impact of the highly controversial “Sun Moonlight M&A Products” and “Impact Impact Assessment of the Packaging and Testing Industry of Ziguang Group”. Yanpin said that the Ziguang shareholding case is still on hold and will not be discussed until the new government makes a clear decision, and the shareholders' meeting at May 16 will not discuss the Ziguang shareholding.

Second, intelligent hardware

1. IBM brings Watson's artificial intelligence into the Apple Watch Sleep Health app . IBM announced the launch of an application, SleepHealth, for the iPhone and Apple. The data collected by SleepHealth will be stored in the IBM Watson Health Cloud, and AI-Watson, equipped with machine learning capabilities, will compare and analyze the data in turn.

2. AMD wants to push the new VR standard: 144Hz refresh + 16k resolution . When HTC, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, etc. showed their own VR products, the whole industry entered a state of madness. Currently, the existing VR devices in the market are mostly 1080P, and the refresh rate is only 90Hz. AMD said that they hope to promote the true VR experience of 16K resolution and 144Hz.

Electronic core news Morning News: the first Haisi NB-IoT chip will be launched in Q3

Third, smart cars

1. The first “all-wheelless” train in China is about to arrive . The Beijing Yanfang Line is expected to open at the end of 2017. Once the “all-wheelless” driving process is in contact with the obstacles that affect the operation, it takes only 1.4 seconds to achieve emergency braking.

2. BMW wants to build the "most intelligent" car, and comprehensively innovate to avoid becoming a Foxconn in the car . BMW claims to be the "ultimate driving machine" for proficiency in artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, and its R&D team is also looking for cooperation with the industry, such as Uber and truecar.

Electronic core news Morning News: the first Haisi NB-IoT chip will be launched in Q3

3. SynapTIcs teamed up with BYD to launch a car touch system . SynapTIcs announced that it has partnered with domestic automaker BYD to use its touch solution to enter the smart car segment and provide BYD with a car touch screen.

4. Stanford Autopilot Audi TT car rushed to the track to improve AI safety . Although Audi is already testing its own driverless cars, researchers at Stanford University have been studying this for many years and have developed an artificial intelligence system for Audi TTS. Now, the school has placed the car called "Shelley" on the track and let it run at 120 mph (193km/h). The researchers' goal is not only to let it compete with people on the track, but to collect data from high-speed driving to improve safety.

Electronic core news Morning News: the first Haisi NB-IoT chip will be launched in Q3

Four, drone

1. Britain and France invest 2 billion euros to develop unmanned fighters to compete with the United States . The pilot program is state-of-the-art in Europe and will move forward on a multi-purpose UAV platform that may lay the groundwork for future operational capabilities beyond 2030.

Electronic core news Morning News: the first Haisi NB-IoT chip will be launched in Q3

2. U-Cloud supervision system U-Cloud was approved . The system is based on cloud computing for the supervision of drones, covering low-altitude monitoring of all helicopters, drones and other aircraft below 1500 meters. Approved for two years of trial operation, the approval period is valid from March 4, 2016 to March 3, 2018.

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