A small match can trigger a fire, but it can also bring a glimmer of light when you are in the dark. However, if you use a match to illuminate, not only is the time short, but it is very easy to extinguish, so now there is a better solution, that is, the match led flashlight on Indiegogo can ensure that you have it in an emergency. A trace of light.

Matchstick-sized LED flashlight brings light to you in the dark

This project comes from the MBI team and has developed such a professional LED lighting device. When you use it, you only need to press the "match head" to light it up, and you can turn it off when you pull it out. Each "match" uses a separate battery, and the lighting time is about 8 hours, so the whole box can provide 64 consecutive hours of illumination in a total of 8 cases, which is enough for most cases.

In addition, a miniature magnet is embedded in the inside of this match led flashlight , so that it can be attached to some metal objects, resulting in installation-free operation, and we can choose from a variety of different colors.

At present, the crowdfunding price of this match LED lighting equipment on Indiegogo is 28 US dollars (about 180 yuan), if all goes well, it is expected to ship in July this year. If you are a person who often needs to work or explore in a special environment, then look at this product.

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