In addition to using the computer to find the live source in the sofa forum, sometimes we also get the live streaming source through the QQ group file shared by the sofa butler or the QQ buddy or use mobile phone browser to download some live broadcast sources such as TVB, Jade or Phoenix TV. In such a situation, the method of importing the live source via computer is not a clear choice. In short, can we directly import HDP live feeds via mobile phones? The answer is yes!

How to open the HDP remote management page:

Keep the HDP broadcast in the mobile phone and smart TV or TV box connected to the same router; in the process of operation, the HDP live broadcast needs to be kept open.

1. Open the HDP broadcast, press the return key to view the local IP address

2. Open the phone browser address bar, enter the IP address you just viewed, and add: 11111

3. After the input is completed, open this address, we will see a very familiar HDP remote management page

4. Click Upload to Custom 1 and select File Manager

Finding a live source downloaded from your phone

The reason why many friends fail to import the live broadcast source via mobile phone is because they do not know where to find the downloaded live source after opening the HDP remote management page. Below, Big Fatty explains to you how to find the live source downloaded via mobile QQ, UC browser and QQ browser.
5.1 The download path through the QQ group (friends) is: Tencent-QQfile recv

5.2 The file path downloaded through the UC browser is: UCDownload

5.3 The file path downloaded through the QQ browser is: QQBrowser - Documentation

6. Select the live broadcast source that has been found. Click it and it will automatically upload successfully.

Also for everyone to attach the method of importing live streaming via computer:

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