Prior to this, the author shared with us the chip plans for Rockchip 3188, Quanzhi A20, and Quanzhi A31. Today, we share with you the Huawei Hass Hi3718 chip solution that is widely used in mainstream dual-core products. According to the author's understanding This chip is used in Haimeidi's dual-core box. What kind of feature it has is that the senior manufacturers such as Haimei Di frequently use this chip solution, and then open the secret for everyone.

The origin of Huawei Hass Hi3718 talked about the Huawei Hass Hi3718 chip solution, reminding the author of his compatriot brother Hass Hi3716 program. Not long ago, it was still a single-core set-top box, but with the invasion of the dual-core, especially Rui. The core micro 3188 chip was born, its performance and other aspects fully exceeded Hass Hi3716, forcing Hass to develop a new generation of dual-core chip program to compete with it, otherwise its share in the set-top box market will be occupied, followed by It is a dual-core chip solution - Huawei Hass Hi3718.

The basic performance of Huawei Hass Hi3718 The HiSilicon Hi3718 chip is manufactured using 40nm process technology. It is equipped with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor, clocked at up to 1.6GHZ, equipped with a quad-core GPU, and supports H.264 and VC-1. , MKV, MPEG4 and other video decoding.

Huawei Hass Hi3718 advantages:
The A9 CPU and multi-core GPUs bring high-performance computing efficiency and the most optimized virtual effects to Huawei Hass. The former greatly affects the quality of high-definition picture processing, while the latter is related to the vision of large-scale 3D games. In effect, with them, boxes using the Hass Hi3718 chip scheme have inherent advantages in playing 1080P movies and large-scale 3D game operations.

Disadvantages of Huawei Hass Hi3718:
Huawei Hass Hi3718 adopts 40nm technology and its structure is relatively large. Therefore, the heat generated by the HiSilicus Hi3718 is relatively large, and the power consumption is high. The time for continuous work will not be too long, but it will not be too short. Its flash memory space will not be too big, support 4GB DD3, the application AKP that can be downloaded one time is not much.

Hass Hi3718 chip box (several):

Haimeidi Q5 HD set-top box Haimeidi HD600A HD set-top box

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