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  • The 113th Canton Fair (3rd Phase, Guangzhou)     [2013-04-01]

      The 113th Canton Fair (3rd Phase, Guangzhou) Date :May1.- May 5, 2013 Booth No.:5.2.M 03-04   ( old model treadmill)          5.2C 10.11.12 (new models treadmills)          10.2G 16-17   (Massage chairs)           China Sport Show (Beijing) Time: May 31 – June 3,2013 Booth No:E3B002 ( 300 square meter)

  • 2012 Autumn Canton Fair     [2012-10-24]

    Welcome to visit our booth in Canton Fair Booth No. : 5,2C10,11,12 Time: Otc. 31 - Nov.4 , 2012 Place: Guangzhou,China

  • China Sourcing Fair: Medical & Health Products     [2012-05-10]

      Booth No.:  4D12 (Hall 4, D channel, booth number 12) Date: May 29 -May31 Place: Dubai   Details: Showroom Name: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre  Place: Sheik Zayed Road.Convention Gate, P.O. Box 9292,  Decorated Time: 09:00a.m.-22:00p.m. on 28 May Open Time: 10:00a.m.-18:00p.m. 29May-31May Limited Time: After 5:00 p.m.  31 May ...

  • China Sport Show     [2012-05-10]

      Booth No.:W3B004 (Hall W3, B area, 004 Both number) Date: May 17 - May 20 Place: Beijing   

  • Use the motorized treadmills to create your method suit and strong     [2012-06-29]

    There are so many revolutionary types supplied within bodily exercise materials which produces several individuals to sustain their health. The center along using the breathing percentage could be tracked in an extremely perfect way by utilizing the bodily exercise bikes. just one must adhere to specific recommendations to produce utilization of the materials as well as there are separate equipments supplied for property and office. It is amazingly very simple to purchase work out routines bikes to make certain that many individuals are amazingly a terrific offer at ease in it. There ar...

  • All About Treadmill Repair & Maintenance     [2012-06-14]

    Many people purchase treadmills in hopes of sometime achieving their physical goals, however the machines quit operating before they are doing. There are several issues treadmill homeowners could encounter with their machines, particularly if they're avid exercisers. when a number of months of exhausting running, they'll would like treadmill repair services for his or her machines Treadmills are assembled from several elements, together with electrical elements, belts, and pulleys. Most homeowners don't wish to repair their own machines; the task is simply too advance...

  • What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Massage Chair     [2012-06-04]

    A massage chair will provide you with a full body massage within the comfort of your house after you would like it. except serving to in relieving each mental and physical stress and tension, a massage chair helps in assuaging body aches and pains, improves blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure and helps in rejuvenating your body when a busy day at work. Regular use of a massage chair helps in improving your over all flexibility and makes for healthier muscles. What are the various kinds of massage chairs? Massage chairs are broadly divided into Shiatsu massage chai...

  • Choose The Right Electric Treadmills     [2012-05-29]

    Electric Treadmills are often bought through one and several other means that. you'll get to understand regarding sale offers created through adverts in your native newspaper, on-line or perhaps from adverts placed at your neighborhood mall. Notwithstanding, whichever one presents itself to you, one issue is definite, that is that you just need to make sure you get worth for your cash at the top of day. Therefore, before you start buying electrical treadmills it might be higher for you to make a decision on specifically what you would like out of this fitness equipment. it'...

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