Entrusted by Wuhan Pingcheng Construction Project Management Co., Ltd., with the approval of the Wuhan Municipal Government Procurement Office, the government procurement agency will be implemented on the display screen and subtitle screen of Zhongnan Theater by means of public bidding. The qualified bidders are welcome to participate in the bidding.

I. Bidding document number: WHJT-CG-2007-010;

2. Project Name: Zhongnan Theater Display and Subtitle Screen;

Third, the content of the tender: display screen and subtitle screen;

4. Bidder qualifications and requirements:

1. The bidding unit must be an independent legal person registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China and obtained a business license;

2. The bidder should have the agent qualification of the brand product reported;

3. The bidder has similar performance in the past two years and provides bank credit certificate (or recent financial statements);

V. Time and place of registration and receipt of bidding documents: January 24, 2007 in Wuhan Jitong Engineering Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. (5th Floor Office of Zhongnan Electromechanical Building).

VI. Bid Opening Time: At 9:30 am on February 14, 2007, Wuhan Jitong Engineering Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. (the conference room on the 4th floor of Zhongnan Electromechanical Building).

Seven, contact information:

Contact: Chen Jun

Contact number, 82774315

Fax: 027-82776817

Zip code: 430014