In the early 1990s, when the ancient lamp town of China was not established as a lamp capital, the lighting market in Guzhen was still weak, and there were not many lighting manufacturers. Lighting production was mostly based on workshops. Faced with such a market environment, it is bound to face many market challenges and tests in order to run a decent lighting manufacturer. In the old town of the year, the lighting accessories market was even weaker, and there were few professional parts manufacturers. In order to make up for this market gap, in 1991, the first lighting accessories factory in Guzhen - Zhongshan Guzhen Zhengtong Hardware Lighting Accessories Factory (Hehua Hardware Factory) was born. The birth of Zhengtong Hardware Factory is almost the first to open the production of lighting accessories in Guzhen. Since then, Zhengtong Hardware Parts Factory has been working hard in the lighting accessories industry. Today, Zhengtong is a strong company with its own customer base and strong strength.

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Zhengtong Hardware Lighting Accessories Factory General Manager: Mr. Lin Ruiqi has been building a factory for more than ten years. Zhengtong Hardware has been receiving attention in the industry. Zhengtong is famous for its professional production of lamp panels. After more than ten years of development, Zhengtong people have accumulated rich experience in production management. The company keeps pace with the times and takes the idea of ​​setting up factories with the courage to fight for innovation. Zhengtong people constantly introduce high-tech production equipment, and continue to produce according to market demand. The implementation of the change of the dynasty, innovation, and truly cater to the needs of the vast number of consumers. After the adjustment of the enterprise transition period from 2002 to 2004, Zhengtong is now a professional manufacturer with considerable scale. The development of the company has stabilized and the company's performance is booming.
Lighting accessories are not like finished lighting products, they need to rely on brands to promote business operations or open up market sales. Due to its particularity, lighting accessories require strict requirements in terms of product specifications, appearance, workmanship, quality, etc., in order to open the city Changzhengtong people is fulfilling the promise of "product quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise", thus lighting In the accessories market, you can play the songs all the way! Competing with peers, it is modest, confident, and full of wisdom. With more than a decade of hard work in the industry, Zhengtong people have already explored a road to their own survival and development. Throughout the development process of more than ten years, having a group of high-quality product research and development teams, advanced production equipment, strict corporate discipline, high-quality products, etc. is the fundamental guarantee for Zhengtong's peers.
In terms of product quality, Zhengtong people have always been playing hard quality and strictly controlling quality. Mr. Lin Ruiqi, general manager of Zhengtong Company, said: “The key to attracting customers is product quality and reputation. We are in quality. Strictly demanding ourselves, never letting defective products flow to the market, the quality is like the lifeblood of our positive enterprise, the quality is good, the enterprise is glory; the quality is poor, and the enterprise is declining.
In the sales of products, Zhengtong is mainly export-oriented. The products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the current market. In the Chinese market, it is affected by the EU (WEEE&ROHS) directive, and it is exported from China to the EU and even the international market. The products have been subjected to strict inspection and testing, and the requirements must meet the relevant standards stipulated by the EU Directive, which has caused great impact on China's electronic and electrical industry. The savvy Zhengtong people have already "infiltrated" this severe market situation. They have applied for and passed the international quality standard certification and environmental protection standards directives last year, which is a rare example in China's domestic lighting accessories companies. At present, Zhengtong products do not have any certification risks in the EU or even international or domestic markets. Zhengtong's next goal is to continue to expand the product's market share, expand sales channels, and gather eight customers with the entrepreneurial passion of Hainan Baichuan. Zhengtong is moving towards a more brilliant tomorrow with a more stable pace and a more perfect corporate image!