Zhang Dazhong attended the appliance forum

In the year of the ear-shun, Zhang Dazhong sold all of his 63 stores to Gome, and pulled out from the fiercely beaten home appliances.

According to the Beijing Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, Zhang Dazhong, the founder of Beijing Regal Dazhong Electric Appliance, paid a personal income tax of 560 million yuan at a time, becoming the taxpayer with the largest amount of personal income tax in China.

More than 100 million tax taxes in Qinghai Province

Wang Jiping, director of the Beijing Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, said that Zhang Dazhong’s personal income tax paid in time according to the state regulations was more than 100 million yuan more than the annual personal income tax of 417 million yuan in Qinghai Province in 2007. The Beijing Municipal Local Taxation Bureau also revealed that this one-time personal income tax of 560 million yuan is the largest one in the country to receive the one-time personal income tax.

Zhang Dazhong: High tax due to the transfer of Dazhong Electric

At the end of last year, Gome announced that Gome Electric Holdings Co., Ltd., which is listed in Hong Kong, obtained exclusive management and management rights of Dazhong Electric through the bank's entrusted loan to an independent third party. The purchase price was 3.65 billion.

It is understood that Dazhong Electric was founded in 1982. Before the acquisition, Zhang Dazhong had 78% of the shares, and Mrs. Lou Hongguang had the remaining 22%.

Yesterday, Zhang Dazhong revealed that it was precisely because this year that Dazhong Electric Appliance was acquired by Gome, and the equity held by the company was transferred, and the local taxation bureau paid a personal income tax of 560 million yuan, and got the individual issued by the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau. Income tax payment certificate.

He paid the first tax 28 years ago: 2.4 yuan

Although the amount of tax paid this time was huge, Zhang Dazhong was concerned about the first tax paid when he started his own business. Zhang Dazhong said that 28 years ago, he sold eight homemade floor lamps in a farmer's market in Ganjiakou. According to the regulations, he paid his first tax: 2.4 yuan.

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