[IT168 What is worth buying] Many users often ask us if you want to spend about 1,000 yuan, there is no comprehensive product with good appearance and performance, you say millet and Meizu have it? can be more than 1,000 yuan can only buy red rice / Charm Blue series, performance seems to be insufficient. However, as the price of the ZUK Z2 continues to decline, the price of this 1,099,000 yuan artifact that has been equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 has been reduced to live in the red rice/charm blue. This is the most recommended model for this month.

Recommended Product: Lenovo ZUK Z2
Recommended price: 1099 yuan [click direct]

Recommended reason: At present, Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 mobile phone has appeared collective diving, including millet 5, Le Max2 and other products have a certain decline, but that is the most worrying nature is ZUK Z2, the current 1099 yuan not only scared the opponent, but also Living to make Xiaolong 820 into a thousand yuan early product, will no longer be able to sell the price, it can be said is the most valuable flagship model. In addition, coupled with the exquisite design, and the full Netcom attributes, etc., what are you still considering?

Today's premium product recommendation (price is for reference only) Lenovo ZUK Z2 3GB+32GB, full Netcom white, the most value Snapdragon 820 1099 yuan [View] 4GB+64GB, high version white 1284 yuan [View] Recent Value models Review (Sort by price) Xiaomi 4c Qualcomm Xiaolong 808, MIUI 8, Full Netcom artifact 659 yuan [View] Charm Blue Note3 4100 mAh large battery, Full Netcom 779 yuan [View] Millet Note Hit thousands of invincible hand, 799 Yuan strongest attack 849 yuan [View] Huawei P7 double-sided glass, ultra-thin 4G, now less than thousand yuan 818 yuan [View] Lenovo ZUK Z2 fell to a thousand dollars, the cheapest Snapdragon 820 phone 1098 yuan [View] Millet 5 domestic Android flagship, the price all the way to the bottom 1559 yuan [View] Huawei Mate 8 domestic business flagship, the next single reduction by 510, can not stand 1969 yuan [View] Huawei P9 Leica dual lens, listed in March anger down 500 2278 yuan [View ] iPhone SE best value of the iPhone, fingerprint full Netcom 2755 yuan [View] Samsung S7 Andrews strongest flagship, all the way down 3170 yuan mad [View] iPhone 7 Apple is now alright, straight down 800 yuan 4688 yuan [View 】

Of course, we also need to specifically note that, ZUK Z2 actually launched two configurations (3GB + 32GB and 4GB + 64GB) version, and this special price of 1098 yuan is actually a ZUK Z2 Rio version, which is 3GB of memory The version only differs in terms of memory collocation, and the processor is still the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 platform. Even so, it can already satisfy most of the users' needs. In addition ZUK Z2 is also a full Netcom dual card model, support mobile / Unicom / Telecom's respective 4G/3G/2G network, so users do not need to worry.

This site's recommended special mobile phone prices are from major e-commerce sites, data collection at the time of issuing the market, due to the existence of unstable factors, it is for reference only, the specific final price of the e-commerce subject. In addition, some e-commerce providers provide cash on delivery services, while others require payment in advance. It is advisable to contact the merchant before buying.

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