With the addition of the WTO, a large number of foreign brands in the lighting industry have continuously entered the domestic market. Many foreign brands have occupied the big brothers in China, overwhelming advertisements, mature technical backgrounds, all red. However, some people with lofty ideals in China have been working very hard to revitalize domestic lighting brands. They do not believe why foreign countries are better than domestic ones. Where is the breakthrough of technology? However, such a trend has always been popular in the industry. Foreign brands are better than domestic ones. They are blindly worshipped and spend a lot of money to purchase foreign brands. This is due to the influence of this ethos. Many domestic private enterprises simply cannot open up a place in the domestic market.

He and Heshan Electric Star, who have been engaged in the research work of halogen lamps for more than 20 years, have learned that the quality of halogen lamps they developed is no less than that of Osram and Foshan, but there are many manufacturers in China. Excluded, why private enterprises will encounter this move. Due to the increasingly fierce market competition, entrepreneurs' exploration of enterprise development no longer stays at the business level of products, technology, market, etc., but also seeks to maintain competition in a changing environment. Force, including operating mechanism, business model, enterprise organization and other aspects, strategic choice is not a rootless tree, passive water, combined with social and economic background, from the perspective of its own positioning and resource base, comprehensive comparison of various forces.

Private enterprises can make strategic choices for enterprises from the following levels:

1. Investigate the scale, development stage and influence of the enterprise and determine the business operation mechanism. Since private enterprises have been clearly defined in terms of ownership, it is mainly the management mechanism that affects the development of enterprises at the strategic level. The operating mechanism is different for private enterprises at different stages of development and levels, and cannot be generalized. For large private enterprises, the establishment of a modern enterprise system is usually the inevitable development, because only the modern enterprise system can adapt to the requirements of socialized large-scale production and market economy development. For medium-sized private enterprises, the operating mechanism lies between the modern corporate system and family management. When the awareness and preparations for reforms are not yet mature, forcing changes will lead to various contradictions and counterproductive. At this time, you can maintain your family ownership or partnership, but you can improve the organization and management level by hiring professional managers, and make changes for the long-term development in the future. When the enterprise develops to a larger scale and a higher level, it turns to a modern corporate system with diversified ownership structure. For large and small enterprises, family management cannot be negated because of various drawbacks of family management. On the contrary, family management has its inevitability. However, entrepreneurs with far-sightedness should strengthen corporate organization and improve management as an important business strategy.

2. Position the industry chain value chain and determine the business strategy. Combined with the current development trend of globalization, regionalization and marketization, private enterprises should fully consider their business status and development space in the industrial chain. In developed regions, the state tends to use the strong strength of private capital to actively encourage and guide private enterprises to participate in the development of high-tech industries and the transformation and upgrading of traditional advantageous industries; to promote regional economic development, the state strongly encourages production and processing and labor-intensive Non-public enterprises; the focus is on cultivating and developing private leading enterprises, promoting the process of industrialization, and realizing the value-added processing of resources.

3. Explore and cultivate the competitive advantage of enterprises and establish business content. The strategic choice to gain competitive advantage is actually the strategic consideration of the company in marketing. It focuses on products and customers, and focuses on product technology, service, price and market space, channels, competitive situation, etc., forming different strategic choice combinations. . Regarding whether the enterprise adopts specialization or diversification, the strategic development model adopting horizontal integration or vertical integration has been debated for a long time. The key to decision-making is not only considering the market demand, but also starting from the enterprise's own ability and resource supply level, and seeking truth from facts. Make reasonable arrangements.

From all levels of comprehensively, to enhance the competitiveness of the company's various core strengths to change some of the current difficult situation of private enterprises, and strive for the upstream, here also appeal to hope that all lighting manufacturers should also support private enterprises, with a different attitude to face For the domestic market, everyone will work together to build their own brand and sing the Chinese national industrial brand in the future international arena!