With the increasing popularity of smart TVs, the pursuit of smart TVs is more reflected in the sense of shock. So, which model of smart TV is the most shocking? Xiaobian thinks it is still the following four popular TVs.

The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, and people's lives have also changed dramatically with the advancement of science and technology. As a home entertainment center, TV has become more and more abundant. Not only has its high configuration, advanced intelligent operating system, but also has a super high-definition picture, and the visual impact of large-screen LCD TVs has become more and more widespread. The consumer's favor. Today, Xiaobian recommends several large-screen high-definition LCD TVs with good visual effects. A friend who likes to quickly start one.

Recommended Products: Hisense LED55EC290N

Reference price: 3999 yuan

Hisense LED55EC290N TV is designed for each detail, using unique industrial design and craftsmanship, to create a narrow border of 0.59cm Titan gray, so that the appearance is dignified and stable without losing vitality, perfect integration with the surrounding environment. Its base is a V-shaped design, making the whole look more and more tough. This TV is equipped with a six-core powerful hardware configuration and uses the Vision3.0 intelligent interface. The interface is clear and easy to operate. One-click access to various video resources, smart applications, etc., new classification management module, easy to use, is your Exclusive intelligent vision system.

Hisense LED55EC290N picture series evaluation forum offer online shopping Nett

Hisense LED55EC290N LCD TV converges large-scale game platforms such as mobile games, love games, and quick-to-play games, and exclusively authorizes large-scale games such as shooting games and racing games, AIWI magical badminton, 3D wild car racing, and fishing masters. It also supports game controllers, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, remote controllers, and other game modes without learning, removing cumbersome and easily playing games. Users can download and install according to their own preferences. Not only that, EC290N also supports wired Internet access, wireless connection, pppoe dial-up networking and other most complete network connection, built-in wireless WIFI, match a variety of WIFI formats, so that your mobile phone, iPad and other mobile devices easily into the game handle.

Hisense LED55EC290N

This TV is equipped with the new Vision3.0 intelligent operating system, has a very simple interface, simple operation and also has a wealth of features to meet the diverse needs of users. The resource platform that integrates multiple video sites provides a rich resource for this TV. The video library is very complete. Massive video resources are updated regularly every week to provide you with an unimaginable viewing experience.

Hisense LED55EC290N

The author's comment: Hisense LED55EC290N LCD TV slim design, the product uses the latest Vision 3.0 UI optimization interface, easy to operate. The EC290N smart TV is designed for deep development of the magical badminton ball. It supports the same-screen sports and dual-screen playing function, and is a somatosensory game capable of realizing split screens. Hisense LED55EC290N TV is very affordable in terms of price, but in the picture effects, operating systems, applications, smart features and other aspects are not ambiguous, coupled with 55-inch full HD large screen, it is worth the user to buy.

Recommended products: Skyworth 55M6

Reference price: 3999 yuan

Skyworth 55M6 uses a very narrow frame, streamlined one injection molded body, calm and highlight the extraordinary atmosphere; silver hollow base bracket, with a black frame, simple yet stylish. This TV is equipped with the new H.265 decoding technology, point-to-point restore H.265 encoded signal, to achieve a more detailed and clear picture quality, comfortable viewing. Exquisite high-definition quality, so that every user enjoy the ultimate viewing, as if immersive.

Skyworth 55M6 picture series evaluation forum offer online shopping Nett

Skyworth's M6 HDTV uses the Coolopen 4.2 system. Based on the original TV system, the interface is upgraded, and the interface, background and operation are more superior and user-friendly. At the same time, it is equipped with the first post-China proprietary intellectual property SOC 64-bit chip, watching movies, playing games, running various applications, and the multi-tasking operation is unstoppable and far away from Caton.

Skyworth 55M6

At the same time, this Skyworth TV has a high standard of sound quality, an independent four-chamber +4K cinema sound effect, a wonderful picture with deep realistic sound effects, audio-visual world, perfect swim. It has a built-in cool open application circle, a new classification and search search, making it easier to find applications; increase cache cleanup, memory optimization, application removal and other functions, to achieve more rational application management; rich in massive game resources, a key easy Download and install, big screen game, make fun more enjoyable.

Skyworth 55M6

Recommended Product: Sharp LCD-50V3A

Reference price: 3999 yuan Sharp LCD-50V3A LCD TV uses a new style of design, from the overall to the details of a full range of detailed polished, more elegant and stylish. Its rose-gold half-moon curved base design adds a lively and stylish look to the TV. It uses leading video encoding compression technology for a smooth and clear video viewing experience.

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This TV has a 50-inch 16:9 LED display with a resolution of 1920x1080. It is suitable for viewing distances of 3.5 meters. It can be placed in a medium-sized living room and enjoy good times with family. In addition to the normal placement, the product also provides support for the design of the wall, users can buy their own bracket for hanging.

Sharp LCD-50V3A

Sharp LCD-50V3A LCD TV is a brand-new smart TV. It has a wealth of film sources, a large number of videos, and hundreds of look and feel, and more TV functions are waiting for you to discover. This product is equipped with dual-core + dual-core CP, with a new UI interface, rich online video on demand, and built-in WIFI, easy access to rich playback resources.

Sharp LCD-50V3A

The author's comment: This Sharp LCD TV set LED TV, smart TV, full HD TV as a whole, is a multi-function model, all aspects for all types of customers. Its pure black design, in line with the aesthetic sense of most family members, makes the body more stable, but also greatly strengthened in the configuration, is a versatile high-definition LCD TV, suitable for home use.

Recommended Product: Samsung UA48JU50SW

Reference price: 5590 yuan

Samsung UA48JU50SW ultra-high definition TV uses ultra-high-definition color quality technology, color rendering more lifelike, realistic and natural. Ultra HD display with 8 million pixel resolution, is four times the full HD, more color adjustment points, the image details are complete.

Samsung UA48JU50SW image evaluation forum offer online shopping Nett

Samsung UA48JU50SW new smart TV is simple, convenient and easy to use. The intuitive user interface enhances the visibility of many entertainment applications and features. In addition, it is also equipped with the new Tizen operating system, capable of providing continuous entertainment content. Based on the fast eight-core processor, it can quickly integrate your favorite exciting content into the smart center. It can also support instant compression of content, save your viewing history, and achieve fast playback.

Samsung UA48JU50SW

It has a Samsung quad-core processor that allows you to have a smoother and more comfortable experience. Faster operating speeds make all operations more flexible and quick. Whether browsing the web or switching channels, you can enjoy the smooth operation. Experience.

The author's comment: This Samsung UA48JU50SW LCD TV uses advanced UHD local light control technology, bringing the best contrast and color, allowing you to get even more stunning viewing effect. Samsung's new smart TV has excellent mobile connectivity, built-in massive practical features, fun, can easily open a new TV entertainment experience for you.

The author concludes: The prices of the several large-screen LCD TVs recommended by Xiaobian are relatively close to the people. No matter whether the visual effects or the viewing experience are clearly improved in the living room, friends who are interested in buying LCD TVs can look closely. This is a few products.

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