The music and lighting in this bar is not too bad, but beer and customers may have spent a little effort - wearing HTC's virtual reality (VR) headset Vive, it is easy to forget that I am in game development On the Game Developers Conference, instead of running around the stadium during the day.

At this conference, there is a dedicated VR exhibition area. I tried the pool table simulation game Pool NaTIon VR created by Cherry Pop Games and VR professional developer Perilous Orbit. The two companies want to develop 10 players. A multiplayer online game in a virtual bar where you can hit a ball, shoot darts, sip a bottle and talk to each other. I am not a gamer, I don't have much experience to compare, but the Pool NaTIon VR game is really fun and feels almost like real.

The $799 Vive was developed by HTC in conjunction with game developer Valve, and includes a full range of accessories such as motion sensors, two docks, and applications such as TIlt Brush, FantasTIc Contraption and Job Simulator. The Pool Nation game takes full advantage of Vive's two handheld controllers, allowing the player to hold a cue stick in front of a real pool table; the player can also move the position to push the bar from a better angle.

Pool Nation virtual reality game scene

"Because of the controller, HTC takes this application to a new level, they are really accurate;" Gemma Jessop of Cherry Pop Games said: "With the Oculus head-mounted device, there is also a game handle, you can see all Something, but basically the player is playing the game through the hand; but with Vive, you can actually move around the pool table."

Vive's controller weight combines the sound of the billiard ball and the music that changes the volume when I move the head, making the game experience particularly convincing; although I am not good at tapping, I am good at picking up the bottle with the controller. Then, the ball or the chair is thrown out, and almost hit the virtual customer in the bar (it looks a bit like a zombie).

It’s fun to play billiards, but don’t you have any consequences in a virtual world without losing your chair? Such games have some success costs. Perilous Orbit's Jon Steed said that the future use of Vive and gaming technology is unlimited, the size of the game handle/controller may be smaller, or the VR device manufacturer will use the connectable gloves for more use. Natural game handles.

“For example, the application of vocational training makes me particularly excited. I don’t know what it feels like to be a doctor when training, but it’s like you are watching an operation on TV. You feel like you are pulling away;” Steed said: “The actual You should be evoked in a virtual space, and you will feel like you have to do an operation or do something in a highly stressful environment."

Pool Nation VR was developed for three weeks and is expected to be available in April; Steed pointed out that he is impatient to see how HTC will develop Vive's forward camera, which may be used to put real-world objects into virtual space. I am also excited about throwing bottles and chairs to the ceiling in a virtual space, but first I may have to save a sum of money!

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