Look at the building during the day and the night view at night. In some places, urban lighting has become a business card and window to showcase the charm of the city.

Li Dongxu, director of the Urban Construction Department of the Ministry of Construction, once said: "Urban lighting is a science, a culture, an art, urban lighting reflects the image of a city, represents a city's culture, and reflects the scientific management of a city. , is a social system engineering." With the continuous expansion of urban construction scale and the continuous improvement of construction level, urban street lighting has become an important part of urban construction. The current urban street lighting not only plays an important role in illuminating the city, reducing urban night traffic accidents, preventing crimes, and protecting citizens' safety, but also plays an irreplaceable role in beautifying the city and improving the city's taste.

While urban street lighting brings brilliant, beautiful and convenient, it also encounters many unexpected problems, such as management problems, cost problems, power problems, cable theft and so on. These problems have mixed together to affect and plague the construction and development of urban street lighting. How to solve these problems? Recently, Guangzhou Zhengli General Electric Co., Ltd. organized a seminar on urban street lighting control and anti-theft technology and new product seminars. The significance of this seminar is not only the introduction of a series of new energy-saving and anti-theft urban street lighting technologies, new products, but more importantly, it marks that urban street lighting is achieving energy-saving, anti-theft, humanized control and refined management. Integration.

Among the many problems faced by urban street lighting, energy saving is an urgent problem to be solved. It involves not only the problem of reducing the cost of urban street lighting, but also the issue of electric energy, especially in the context of power shortages. In some places, urban lighting is accused of “image engineering” and becomes the “culprit” of competing for electricity with residents. The culprit." The construction of “light projects” in some cities has also been affected, some have been delayed in construction, or the standards have been lowered. Some cities have built “bright projects” to reduce the brightness. The city is majestic during the day and black at night, not only affecting The scenery of the city at night also caused new waste. At the seminar, the ZLB series intelligent lighting energy-saving control device promoted by Guangzhou Zhengli General Electric Co., Ltd. can not only save more than 20% of the lighting system, but also the lighting system by reasonably adjusting the power supply parameters of the lighting system. The service life has also been greatly extended.

Another important cause of urban lighting waste is the control of urban lighting switching time. It needs to be lit without lighting, affecting the normal operation of the city, and does not need to be lit to light, causing unnecessary energy waste. In fact, when to turn on the lights and when to turn off the lights can be followed regularly. Based on this law, Guangzhou Zhengli General Electric Co., Ltd. has developed a ZLT series of urban lighting and other brightness time control terminal systems with its own intellectual property rights. Through reasonable system design and analysis, a city is established every day for 365 days a year. Reasonable switching time, so that the city street lights switch on the same brightness every day, not only ensures the city's lighting, but also saves a lot of energy.

According to reports, this system can also carry out remote control switch control for the special requirements of festivals, government affairs, astronomy, meteorology and other reasons, so that the city's lighting is more accurate and reliable, and the management is more precise and humanized.