In 2007, the domestic and foreign market conditions have changed a lot. There are two problems in our business operations that are worthy of our attention. One is: the adjustment and response of export policies of enterprises in the electronics industry; the second is: the new direction of quality management of products.
Talk about these two aspects:

The first topic: the adjustment of export policies for enterprises in the electronics industry and the countermeasures

I plan to discuss this topic in mid-June.

In today's increasingly globalized economy, export competition is becoming more and more important for the strategic position of audio and light enterprise development. In the face of the severe challenges brought about by economic globalization, if enterprises want to make great progress, they will further understand and master the export of the electronics industry. Policy is very necessary. I plan to discuss the topic from the following four aspects:

1. Export trade faces serious market barriers and technical barriers;

2. The export encouragement policy system is initially formed;
Mainly in the following aspects: tariffs and non-tariff barriers continue to decrease; the RMB exchange rate is close to the real exchange rate of the market; the government's policy of directly encouraging exports is continuously strengthened; and the autonomy of foreign trade operations of enterprises is released.

3. The idea of ​​policy adjustment is expected,
Such as: structural deviation of export tax rebate; initial formation of export credit system; further increase the freedom of manufacturers and the public to use foreign exchange, avoid the appreciation of the renminbi too fast, and play the trade-driven effect of overseas investment;

4. Finally, let's talk with you about how the audio and lighting companies can reduce the export cost of products and the risk management of overseas receivables.

The second theme is about the new direction of quality management of audio and lighting products, scheduled for mid-August.

The basic characteristics of the globalized economy are mainly manifested in three aspects. One is the absence of a “national border” market economy; the second is the maturity of the networked operation system; the third is the realization of resource sharing. In response to these basic characteristics of the global economy, I plan to make a preliminary discussion with our colleagues in the audio and lighting industry on the new direction of quality management in our company under the new situation: personal opinion that to break through must be from the following aspects Make adjustments:

1. From the management of product quality to the management of processes and systems;
Quality no longer only includes the quality of products within the company and the quality of its related work. Quality is no longer a concept of “qualified” products, because today the quality is formed from the requirements of customers, and ultimately by customers. Including quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement, as well as all the activities and processes associated with this, the quality management of the enterprise has changed from the original closed type to the open type, from the original split mode to the system mode; The top leadership must be full of staff, to allocate a high ratio of financial budget, to train a group of high-quality, high-paying, new concept of quality engineers, otherwise quality management lacks motivation, quality management only stays in ideology.

2. From the original implementation of management methods to the cultivation of management culture;
Enterprise management is rooted in corporate culture, quality management must also be rooted in quality culture, fostering the quality culture of the enterprise, so that product quality and service quality can truly reflect the honesty and trustworthiness of customers and users, naturally become a very important And a daunting task;

3. From focusing on technological innovation to technological innovation and management innovation;
Enterprise quality workers should shift from the “physical” working methods that used to be used in various workshops to the “intellectual” working methods of learning new concepts and methods. Only in this way can we play a proper role in achieving management innovation and sustainable development for enterprises.